Friday, January 13, 2012

inconsistent with "one nation under god"?


Bruce Ware said...

One of the greatest scenes in cinematic history...

CNu said...

Bruce Ware said...

No, I get your point.

( ...I just love that scene!)

It's the only part of the movie that was better than the book:

There are no more barriers to cross.

All I have in common with the uncontrollable and the insane, the vicious and
the evil, all the mayhem I have caused and my utter indifference toward it, I
have now surpassed.

I still, though, hold on to one single bleak truth: no one is safe, nothing
is redeemed.

Yet I am blameless.

Each model of human behavior must be assumed to have some validity.

…But even after admitting this - and I have, countless times, in just about
every act I've committed - and coming face-to-face with these truths, there is
no catharsis.

Bret Easton Ellis – American Psycho

Tom said...

Van Patten's card really isn't as nice as the Psycho's.

CNu said...

My kwestin is simply whether Romney is consciously and intentionally pandering, or, as I suspect, keeping it Bateman real in his pronouncements?

I'm MUCH inclined to believe the latter, rather than the former...,

Tom said...

CNu I would err on the side of Bateman-real.  Can't speak for broad swaths of the nation's demographics, I suppose, but I can tap into Bateman's feelings pretty easily at times.

CNu said...

Really? Must be a little like me channeling Farrakhan from time-to-time and Dan Freeman all-of-the-time.

Tom said...

Really.*   Makes the movie a real emotional wringer for me.  I hate the guy, but yeah.   And I suspect a lot of people can, I think that's the point.

Farrakhan!  Cool!     You know, I still haven't read that book.   I read a summary and it made me feel really depressed.

*I mean, anyone who seems "successful," I tend to ID with.  Our kid is obsessed with the Cosby Show right now, and I've started channeling Cosby.  (Eighties Cosby, not the new one.)  Frankly she could do a lot worse, TV has not improved in 25 yrs.  But I was a faithful viewer back then, and actually it's scary how much of my own fathering style has gotten played back to me out of the Tube this past week.   So apparently Dr Huxtable was a big influence, and, ah, I have to admit Lisa Bonet was a big influence too. 

nanakwame said...

Really - I like channeling this man's brilliance

As he pointed out in his late essay "How to
Build a Universe that Doesn't Fall Apart in Two Days." we live in a society in which spurious
realities are manufactured by the media, by governments, by big corporations,
by religious groups, political groups...unceasingly we are bombarded with
pseudo-realities manufactured by very sophisticated people using very
sophisticated electronic mechanisms. I do not distrust their motives; I
distrust their power I enjoy the trickster of the Afro-American and Native American tradition, the film only narrated a reality of many. You enjoy that type of power baby brother, you critique, hey

Tom said...

Damn, I wish I could get PKD on my wetware.  

Somewhere I picked up Confessions of a Crap Artist, a non-sci fi Dick book about a sort of crazy nutcase who lives with his sister.  It's almost spookier than his futuristic ones.  

nanakwame said...

btw this is so cool 

John Kurman said...

Hey, I read that! Weird thing was I was living in Sonoma County at the time, just north of Point Reyes Station where it was set. Gave me some interesting waking moments, what with reading the book or living in it.

Tom said...

I really like that one. 

Tom said...

I know Coz isn't most people's fave guy these days, but I don't mention him gratuitously.  I work at home, and it's a snow day, and I've been hearing DVDs of the show from the next room for about 14 hours at this point.

CNu said...

Dood, ain't nobody mad at the pudding man anymore, and, f'sho he could never be criticized for his top-shelf taste in succulent young octoroons - particularly them what preserves enough vim and vigor to cougar up young Conan the Barbarians later in  life....,

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