Saturday, January 28, 2012

buzz saw one of the four panels - believers see ET...,

What Buzz saw:

What Believers are told and what they then see:


nomad said...

There otto be a law. Buzz saw a panel, huh? LOL. 

CNu said...

funny indeed how believers with a story to tell - tell a different story than the man himself. {no doubt he was coerced on pain of having to watch his firstborn be tortured to death or some such draconian Majestic imperative...,}

What's funnier to me by far is how far-fetched Die Glocke narratives have become {I love watching those shows on the History Channel too} - when the underlying truth of what went on there is actually infinitely more interesting and has an even more profound and interesting history than anything the UFO/ET true-believers will have ever imagined.

nomad said...

This is incredible. I will be wary of the selective editing possibility from now on. Guess now I've got to reevaluate my opinion of everything I've found on the web. Thanks a lot, CNu.

Dale Asberry said...

The most important selective editing possibility, is that which occurs in our own heads.

Tom said...

I like Larry King saying, Buzz, we're short on time, forget about the panels and tell us about the UFO.

CNu said...

While vitally important, that's a LOOOOOOOONG way from being entirely true.

Unless this is material with which you're already well acquainted, the trail I've set forth this morning, through the german and french "new-age" exhibits the most fascinating pattern of longterm, intentional disinformation and myth making that has effected many millions of people over the course of a century and change.

Where alchemists and physicists, centrifuges and flying saucers become interchangeable - and the business of popular disinformation continues trundling along completely unabated? Seriously? This continues to be a vitally important work in progress, to somebody(s). 

nanakwame said...

Do we look at quanta or vital ism? I am uncertain, oh well fall back on  poetr: Darken months/Vapor feels like dragon breath/With cold breeze

Dale Asberry said...

While I agree wholeheartedly that this is part of a deliberate misinformation campaign, with significant practice focused on fixing the selective self-editing cognitive error, said misinformation campaign can be identified through the cognitive dissonance it creates.

As for why it is so vitally important, and for whom, that I can't speak to.

CNu said...

We look at and practice science, empirically, with discipline, and peer review - and leave childish magical thinking to children and old women. Everything else is merely conversation....,

CNu said...


Were you specifically aware of the extent to which the modern UFO mythos emanates from efforts to misdirect around the encompassing sprawl of atomic weapons/power research? {and prior to that and to a decreasing extent alchemical mythos}

If this has been going on for 60 years (or more) - but continues not only unabated - but with renewed vigor - what do you suppose human livestock management is misdirecting away from now?

Dale Asberry said...

My point is that I realized years ago that UFOs (and possibly ghosts) were some kind of misinformation campaign simply through the cognitive dissonance it created in me. I didn't need access to the data you've presented to arrive at this conclusion. The source of my cognitive dissonance is from learning how to eliminate the faulty self-editing tendency while seeing it's prevalence in others.

However, recognizing that something is hinky does not mean that the scope or source of the hinkiness is known.

The information you've provided has only now revealed the origins and significance of ufology. You've also revealed that it is information outside my own knowledge space

CNu said...

Thank you for clarifying Dale. I agree with all of what you say about proper subjective discrimination, it is indispensable. Given the governance context in which we subsist, in which encompassing mythologies provide an explanatory framework for doing damn near anything and then palming it off on who, ET, witches, yadda, yadda, yadda?

It flat out sucks being part of the herd, despising both the diabolical ranchers and the cognitively crippled other head of livestock...,

Dale Asberry said...

As you pointed out to me recently,
Matthew 27:46 Around the ninth hour, Jesus shouted in a loud voice, saying "Eli Eli lama sabachthani?" which is, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"
At least the ranchers AND herd don't despise me.... yet.

Warden Norton: it's a damn conspiracy, I'm tellin' ya'.
Warden Norton: well what do you think, Miss Fussybritches?
[Throws chess piece]
Clink, clink, clink, splash.

nomad said...

Yes, that is a very good ? theory? I hate to use the word. I mean it in the non-pejorative sense of reasonable  explanation. Hidden Nazi developed technology. That alone with the Tesla stuff, what ever that may be, could account for a lot of the vehicle sightings. I don't have much of a problem with that explanation with these phenomenon; it's the denial that they are real that I object to. I leave to scientists to tell me what it is, but frankly, scientists, you' all are taking an awfully long time. What's going on here. 

The thing I saw, was not an airship, I don't think. It moved just like a jet liner. I don't know the time frame really. I just know I watched it continuously from about 12 o'clock above at a high altitude until it disappeared over the western horizon.  I kept trying to adjust my vision so that the wings and tail would materialize, but they never did. Could have been an optical illusion. I've thought about that one a lot. I finally decided I had to believe my eyes. I don't know what it was. Could have been some kind of advanced airship.

Now, here's where I get real subjective. There was something odd about this flying cylinder. And I could not figure out what it was while I was looking at it. Later I came up with an explanation that I readily admit may not be true. Memory is only reliable up to a point. After searching on the web for images of UFOs like the one I saw, I saw that some of the cigar shaped UFOs were enormous. It struck me that that was the something-not-right feeling I got from what I saw. At the altitude it seemed to be, it should have been much smaller if it was a typical sized air liner.  

CNu said...

Bro. Nomad, I'm sorry to say that I believe you've missed my point(s) altogether. This isn't just about UFO's, and scientists could genuinely care less about the masses "getting" anything one way or another.

What I've described for you is a framework for systematic deception and disinformation at multiple levels of governance . This "system" works on multiple intellectual and personality types in a variety of different but predictable and predictably effective ways.

It constrains the governed to look away (to varying extents) from what's really going on, to look away from what those engaged in the concealment want concealed, while simultaneously freeing up those same concealers to perpetrate a huge variety of large scale activities over an extended period of time, for which they will never be popularly or publicly held accountable.

It is a damn-near foolproof system of implausible deniability brother.

Look at how you reacted to it? Instead of considering the framework I've motioned for you to peep out the corner of your eye, your immediate and overwhelming reaction consists of trying to rationalize your pre-existing belief system to what you see of the framework in its abbreviated presentation this morning.

Relax magne.

Don't worry about what you had rolling around in your own head before you peeped this game. Just peep this game on its own terms, look at it, for it.

Study it for a minute.

Take your time.

Cause I ain't say a dayyum thing about UFO's one way or another, except that I don't believe they come across the vastnesses of interstellar space. I don't believe the complex phenomena map persuasively to what I would expect of intelligences/technologists that far beyond our own - it does, however - map to some very funky things that humans have done, again and again, over a very long span of time.

That alone does not amount to an either/or proposition.

Rather, it's the preface to a both/and proposition.

As it turns out, I'm a fan of Jacques Vallee and have learned from his systematic approach to anomalous data while not fully agreeing with his current "resting point" assessment of the issue(s)

nomad said...

I'll try. There is a kind of reflex that I've developed from dealing with this subject on other web-cites. I have had people demand I confess my sin of conspiracy theorist just for broaching the subject. Critical thinkers virtually kicked me off of a so-called "skeptical" blog I used to visit; once bit twice shy.

But that is what I noticed. It was as if they had been programmed to attack people who took such things seriously. I found the notion they had been effectively programmed to disregard these phenomena as shocking as the UFO phenomenon itself. The critical thinkers/scientists. Dismissing without, as far as I could tell, the issue without examining it.

Okay, I'll look at those links.

CNu said...

nah brah..., no problem. I greatly appreciate your enthusiasm for this subject.

The dyed-in-the-wool scientistic "thinker" is just as bad as the magical-thinking fundamentalist. All such literalists are deeply programmed to reflexively oppose whatever doesn't conform to their status quo alignment within the herd.

Sincerely, I could not be more pleased at having hit the 5000 mark
addressing this topic, and, to the extent you examine the materials
posted to your attention, bear in mind my current state on this subject
is the result of 35 years of interest and 23 years of highly focused

Hitting the stacks to engage you in this discussion has been one of the best and most rewarding exercises I've enjoined in the now 6 years I've been at this game of actualite' for my chirrens. Thank you.

I've got my soon to be 12 year old son reading The Greys  - for enjoyment and stimulation, thankfully, he is a fluent francophone and can examine many of the source materials I've cited in their native form, and can pursue them fully and completely in a manner still not fully accessible to me.

I'm looking forward to learning from him as he begins his own journey down the rabbit-hole.

Tom said...


I don't think you're going to be dismissed here for dumb reasons like "conspiracy theory."  

I think there's pretty general agreement here that there's massive disinformation out there.  The problem is that might be about all we do know.

Dale Asberry said...

Francophone, eh? I may have to hit him up for some conversational French when I get further along in my Rosetta Stone based studies.

nomad said...

Thanks for sharing this stuff, man. It's exactly what I've been looking for.

Tom said...

Francophone is an old pre-Bell invention.  Like a regular phone but sounded all honking  and nasal, never really caught on here.

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