Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Occupy livestream operators homeless after getting out of jail

TheAtlanticWire | A little after 10 p.m. on Wednesday, the six volunteers with the Occupy Wall Street live stream aggregator Globalrevolution.tv got out of jail in Brooklyn after they were arrested Tuesday for defying a city notice to vacate their building. A video of them immediately after their release showed them in good spirits, smoking cigarettes and eating cookies after about 30 or so hours in jail. After a lengthy tirade about corruption in law enforcement and a racially imbalanced jail population, Vlad Teichberg, one of the project's key organizers, said, "it's really good to be out."

Original: Some of the six people arrested on Tuesday for violating a New York City order to vacate a building where the Global Revolution live stream is produced actually live there and won't be able to return once they're released from jail, which is expected sometime Wednesday afternoon.* One of the live stream's key organizers, Vlad Teichberg, is a resident of 13 Thames St., the Bushwick, Brooklyn space that had recently served as the headquarters of Occupy Wall Street live feed aggregator Globalrevolution.tv. He and five other residents-cum-volunteers are still in police custody after they were hauled in for trespassing, obstructing governmental administration, and resisting arrest, Global Revolution organizer Nigel Parry told The Atlantic Wire on Wednesday.

The space at 13 Thames St., in Brooklyn is "kind of like a punk house, art space type thing," Parry said. "Global Rev. has only just been moved there. But everyone who was arrested there has been there for quite a while ... Vlad and some others had been living there for a year or two." Tuesday's raid wasn't the first time the cops have visited the space. In April, 2010, police stopped by, reportedly entering without a warrant, as people at 13 Thames made plans for an anarchist film festival. The cops "accused the occupants of being illegal squatters and demanded identification." Two who were at the space and showed their identifications turned out to have warrants and were arrested, The New York Times reported. In a November 2011 feature, the Greenpoint Gazette reported on the 40 or so creative types who work out of the space, recording albums, doing art, and practicing music. On Wednesday, Parry cited a rumor that the notice to vacate with which police served the space on Tuesday came from a year-old sprinkler violation. We've reached out to the New York Buildings Department to get the exact nature of the violation and will update this post when we hear back from them.

Meanwhile, Global Revolution and others on Twitter are taking issue with the charges reportedly filed against the six Global Revolution organizers that they resisted arrest. As for the live stream itself, Parry said organizers had already set up off-site mixing capabilities, and could manage the feed aggregator from anywhere. "As Vlad said the night after [Monday's notice to vacate], we can do this from laptops. I'm in Pittsburgh. In the first weeks of Occupy Wall Street, the channel was being mixed in Pittsburgh, Minnesota and New York." The channel is currently airing a feed from Greece, but Parry said it carried live feeds of Occupy actions at the Iowa Republican caucuses.


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