Monday, January 30, 2012

is magical thinking rooted in fear of death?

The full documentary can be viewed here.


nanakwame said... 
the folks who uploaded this: How about those who accept and honor death/life everyday. It is like they say at a funeral you don't cry for the person in the coffin you cry for yourself. And how about those cultures like Zen/Orisa who make death surreal. Yet good opening on the illusion of immorality, the only one we have is passed in genes and remembrances...Spirit, Energy, Form eternal..Isn't a paradox Doc you push for self-satisfaction and work and then being attuned to death, where some still get attention and self-satisfaction. Love it. 
though I don't believe is the term soul."Magic is the mother of
eternity, of the being of all beings; for it creates itself, and is understood
in desire. It is in itself nothing but a will and this will is the great
mystery of all wonders and secrets, but brings itself into imagination or
figuration itself by the imagination of the desireful hunger into being. It is
the original state of Nature. Its desire makes an imagination, and imagination
or figuration is only the will of desire. But desire makes in the will such a
being as the will in itself is."

-- Jacob Boehme (1575-1624)
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