Monday, June 07, 2021

You KNOW You're In A Fascist State When Pure Fantasy Is Official Policy And Ideology

foxnews |  "It was fascinating to watch and track the reaction of the establishment to Donald Trump. He became a figurehead for this populist push back against global capitalist ideology," said Hopkins.

This "global capitalist ideology" he described, or "GloboCap" as he’s taken to calling it in his writings, is an ideologically monolithic global-capitalist societal structure. Essentially, a ruling class made up of globalist oligarchs.

"It was just so clear they set out to destroy him, make an example of him, and demonize everybody who put him in office," said Hopkins. 

He claimed the demonization of Trump during his four years in office was this ruling class "reminding us who's in charge and what happens if we elect unauthorized presidents who haven't been approved by the system."

Admittedly not a fan of Trump, Hopkins couldn’t help but laugh at all of the ways in which the former president was vilified. "First, he was a Russian intelligence asset, then he was literally Hitler and was going to overthrow the U.S. government with some underground White supremacist militia," Hopkins recalled, claiming the accusations were "pure fantasy that was taken seriously." 

According to Hopkins, this push toward a post-COVID "New Normal" society in which people are willing to lockdown in their homes when told, wear masks when asked, and carry around their COVID-19 vaccination cards in order to be allowed into public spaces is a continuation of the invisible ruling class asserting its dominance. 

"One thing that I've been saying to try to get through to people," said Hopkins, "is just the whole idea of lockdowns. ‘Lockdown,’ this is a prison term, right? And when do you lock down the prison? When the prisoners are rioting and getting rebellious. It's a way of reminding everyone, 'Hey, you're in prison and we're in charge.'"

"It isn't really about the vaccines or the tests," he said in regards to newly implemented guidelines. "What it's about is training us, conditioning us to live in a society where we accept this type of control."

Another aspect of this "synchronization of culture," as Hopkins called it, and which he finds particularly terrifying is the ideological uniformity being spread by "big supranational entities and corporate media" on behalf of the establishment. 

"It's tearing societies apart, it's tearing relationships apart, it's tearing families apart, this extreme polarization and intolerance of dissent and differing views," he said. "I feel like if I start questioning or challenging the official COVID narrative, if I start pointing out facts, I'm treated like a suppressive person in the Church of Scientology."



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