Saturday, June 12, 2021

Delleschau Breakaway Can't Be Manipulated Or Bought By Killer-Apes Chucking Bones Into Space...,

the-sun |  AMAZON billionaire Jeff Bezos’ space mission was met with ridicule yesterday — because people think his rocket is shaped like a giant todger.

Online jokers poked fun at the Blue Origin New Shepard craft, which will shoot him 60 miles above the Earth.

One said: “That rocket looks like a big willy.”

Another said: “Is it me, or does Jeff Bezos’ rocket look like a giant penis?”

And one quipped: “It’s basically a giant flaming space dildo.”

Bezos, 57 — worth £186billion — and his brother Mark, 53, will be on the rocket’s first crewed flight on July 20, 15 days after he steps down as Amazon boss.

The 11-minute mission will see the six-seater capsule soar above the Earth.

One seat is being auctioned, with bidding topping £2million.


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