Sunday, June 27, 2021

The Emergence Of Murcomycosis Represents Catastrophic Immune Failure Induced By Covid Reinfection

Since the first reports about murcomycosis black fungus infection started coming out of the vast south asian gain of function human petri dish, it has been conspicuously clear - to even the most casual observer - that something very strange is going on.
The organism causing Mucormycosis is actually everywhere. 
We humans are exposed to black fungus daily, the level of exposure depending on where you are in the world and your location’s climate. Normal immune hosts dispatch black fungus infection immediately upon contact.
The only times you clinically observe black fungus infection in humans is with catastrophically immunosuppressed individuals. Most notably AIDS and diabetics with chronic A1C levels above 12.
Murcomycosis black fungus infection is horrible. It cannot be remedied by antifungals, and to the extent that it can be remedied, it requires drastic exculpatory extraction. That means it has to be cut out. It has a predilection for the sinuses. That means that the patient gets half their face cut out often with eyes included. 
As you might imagine, when you become nutrient media for black fungus, that's that ass. You're over, done, kaput, DEAD-ASS...,

The immunsuppression required for this to get started normally requires years to develop. Even in the chemo related scenarios - months are required.
The humans conducting this vast in vitro gain of function experiment are still in the early stages of their experiment with the sars-cov2 bioweapon. 
This black fungus fork is screaming something about how sars-cov2 goes mob deep on the human immune system. It is obviously very important. 
What living memory history involves a retrovirus that directly attacked the immune system?  These types of observations are instrumental in understanding the motivations of those behind this very curious epidemic.


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