Monday, June 14, 2021

Finally, A Way To Privatize Public Housing - The Strings Attached Should Be Most Interesting

sacbee |  To fund the program, a “state-sponsored corporation” would make a one-time deposit using available dollars into a “new revolving fund.”

The state would then sell shares to investors to generate new revenue. As home values increase, so would the fund’s value, the Democrats say.

There is a chance that private companies and investors would replace the state-sponsored corporation to finance the fund, the plan’s blueprint includes. The state would provide tax incentives to inspire investment. The Democrats’ proposal states that the investors would help keep costs to the state low.

“So, Win-Win-Win,” the Democrats’ announcement reads. “Win #1 – homebuyers that can now afford a home and can thrive in the middle class and begin to build wealth; Win #2 – investors that get to protect and build their wealth by investing in California real estate; and Win #3 – California taxpayers and state budget that will face only minimal new costs.”

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