Friday, June 11, 2021

Festus Just Stick To Grain Elevators: The Man Is Not Concerned About Your Little Walmart Drones...,

dronedj |  On a related note, the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) just deployed its first system to detect drones at the Y-12 Complex in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The facility stores uranium and assembles and disassembles nuclear weapons. It’s not surprising drones are prohibited from the complex’s airspace.

In a press release, Teresa Robbins of the NNSA Production Office says the new system will mitigate the threat posed by potential drone incursions.

The National Nuclear Security Administration Production Office is announcing this deployment and the airspace restriction to the public to minimize the threat of unauthorized UAS flights over Y-12. This will enhance our ability to effectively protect this vital national security facility.

It’s unclear exactly what that system consists of, but it’s described as able to “detect, identify, and track potentially malicious drone threats.” 

So, just to be clear: Avoid nuclear facilities and grain elevators when flying around the US.


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