Friday, June 11, 2021

Meathead Lue Elizondo Is The Elite Establishment's Family Dollar Facsimile Of Joe Rogan...,

WaPo  |  MR. ELIZONDO: Well, Jackie, that’s really the question, isn’t it? The bottom line is, up until very recently there were really only three possibilities of what this could be. And the first possibility is that it is some sort of secret U.S. tech that somehow, we have managed to keep secret even from ourselves for a long period of time. The second option is that it is some sort of foreign adversarial technology that has somehow managed to technology leapfrog ahead of our country despite having a fairly robust and comprehensive intelligence apparatus. And of course, the third option is something quite entirely different. It’s a different paradigm completely.

Now as of this week we now know through some of the discussions at senior-level leadership that this report has definitively stated once and for all that it’s not our technology. And that’s hugely important. For 30 years there has always been this undercurrent, if you will, these conspiracies that there was some sort of TR-3B program and some sort of a super special technology that has been implemented and we’ve been--just been very careless about it. And I think that argument was finally put to bed this week. So that really only leaves two other options, and that’s--again, it’s foreign adversarial or it’s something quite different. And I think we’re now beginning to learn, as we’ve heard from the director of national intelligence--and I can certainly tell you from my experience--that we’re pretty confident that it’s not Russian or Chinese technology, and there’s several reason for that that, if you like, I’m more than happy to go into.

MS. ALEMANY: Yeah, actually, could you go into that. I know you’ve explained it in previous interviews, but these sightings have happened for the past 70 years, and I know you’ve said before that you didn’t think it was possible for one of our foreign adversaries who have been helpful actually in providing information on this issue, would be capable of keeping something a secret for so long. Is that accurate?

MR. ELIZONDO: That’s precisely one of the counterarguments. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, as of today, we had an announcement by former Director of National Intelligence Ratcliffe who said this isn’t Russian technology. And as we know during Glasnost and the fall of the Berlin Wall, there was this five-year romance period, if you will, between the United States and Russia where we began really sharing a lot of information. And a lot of their--ironically enough, a lot of their UFO information wound up in our hands, and it turns out that they were experiencing the exact same issues from a UFO or a UAP perspective that we were. So, if you look at really the timelines here, you know, it’s looking increasingly less likely that this is some sort of Russian technology.

So that really leaves China. And some of these reports, you’re absolutely correct, Jackie, they go back into the early 1950s, and even earlier. And so, what that says is that you have pilots, whether we’re describing what we call a white flying tic-tac or a white flying butane tank in the 1950s or a white flying lozenge, if you will--they’re all describing the exact same vehicle, craft, if you will, doing exactly the same thing, performing in ways well beyond our current capabilities.

And if you look at that from a--from a temporal perspective, from a time perspective, it simply doesn’t make sense that China back in 1950 would have this beyond next generation technology, mastered it, is able to fly at will anywhere it wants on the face of the planet, and the last 70 years, despite the billions of dollars we’ve put into our intelligence community infrastructure and architecture, it has--it has managed to evade us. In fact, China is a country that has stolen quite a bit--spends a lot of time stealing technology from us. And so, one has to ask the question that if really a country had this technology, would it be necessary to steal, you know, much more basic technology from another country. Furthermore, if you had this type of technology, you probably wouldn’t need to invest so much in military because you had this, if you will, checkmate type technology or capability where everything else now becomes obsolete.

And so, this goes to your last part of your question. So, I feel or do I believe this is, quote, “extraterrestrial”? Let me be very careful before I answer that by saying at the end of the day, Jackie, it doesn’t matter what I think or what I believe. What matters is what the data and the facts tell us. And from that perspective, it’s very important that--I’ve always--I had a very simple job, and that is to collect the truth and speak the truth. That’s it. Very much as an investigator, which I used to be. We applied the same level of rigor and methodologies we did at hunting terrorists and spies as we did in hunting UFOs. So, we really didn’t care what these were. We were just trying to get to the bottom of what they were. And so therein lies, if you will, a little bit of our approach. We were--we were very agnostic, if you will, or objective about this topic and tried to allow the facts to lead us down a certain path. And that is really what we’re doing today. What we’re realizing is that the facts are painting a far more compelling picture than what we thought. In this case, you, your audience, they’re the jury. So what matters is really what you think about this. And so, the hope here is that the U.S. government can provide the data and the evidence and information and then allow the American people to decide what we think this is about.


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