Saturday, February 29, 2020

What a Difference a Death Day Makes...., (Community Spread/No Known Travel)

FoxNews |  "Yes, we are thinking about [the] southern border, we have received a lot of power on the southern border over the last couple of years from the courts but we are looking at that very strongly," Trump said at the press conference.

The rare appearance in the White House press briefing room came shortly after news of the first death in the United States from the new virus and a terrible week on the stock market over fears of the outbreak.

"There's no reason to panic at all. This is something that is being handled professionally," Trump assured, while also acknowledging more cases in the U.S. are "likely."

The president said there are 22 patients in the United States who have coronavirus.

"Unfortunately, one person passed away overnight," Trump said, speaking to a case in Washington state.

“She was a wonderful woman, a medically high-risk patient in her late 50s. Four others are very ill. Thankfully 15 are either recovered fully or they're well on their way to recovery. And in all cases, they've been let go in their home.”

Shortly before Trump spoke, Washington state health officials confirmed one person had died from the new virus; the first person to die from the disease in the United States. She was not infected by travel abroad, officials said.

Trump also said Saturday that most healthy people would be able to pull through should they contract coronavirus: "Additional cases in the United States are likely. But healthy individuals should be able to fully recover.”