Sunday, February 16, 2020

Spaceweather Skywatcher Breakaway Dude - Offers Cool Liminal Perspective

banditobooks |  Why not actually think this through? I’m especially talking to those who ‘agree with’, say, Jon Rappoport, who believes the China Scare is a complete hoax, i.e., there are no more people dying in China today than two months ago. This is the ‘reasoning’ some of you have used to subtly (in subtext) claim that I am somehow ‘wrong’ in suggesting you prepare for the worst.

Okay, if the scare is a complete hoax, then what’s the motive? And what’s next? Did any of you Rappoport fans even think about these questions, and the questions that follow from them?

Come on, fellas, why would they do that? You haven’t thought about this, have you? Why engineer a completely false pandemic scare? Do I have to do your thinking for you?

‘Well, duhhh,’ you’re going to say, ‘They want to keep us frightened.’ (Therefore being prepared for infrastructure collapse is ‘giving in to fear.’) Is this it?  This is all you’ve got?  How would this even work? I mean when it becomes obvious that there is no pandemic and all’s well? Wouldn’t people start thinking that all the scary shit is really just a hoax or misunderstanding. So in the long run a hoax like this would lessen general fear.

Do you really think they’d go to the media lengths you see now if this was just a hoax?   

‘They’ve done it before,’ you say? ‘Remember the Mexican flu in 2009? How about the bullshit ebola scare?’

See, I was in Mexico for the 2009 ‘scare’ and it was like no one, especially not the locals, seemed to notice. Yes, it was probably a hoax, to keep us nerve-wracked. But neither that one nor the ebola scare (one ebola infected person in the U.S.) were on this scale. Does this seem to be the case with the Chinese Scare? Do you think all those street scenes are faked? Why hasn’t someone blown the whistle on fakery of this magnitude? Do you have an answer?

Don’t you think that at some point they are going to have to come up with the real thing? I mean if they are going to get what they want, be it a one-world economy and/or government, or a culling of the population down to half a billion (their number). 
A complete hoax is not going to work in bringing about the world-changing paradigm they yearn for. They will need the real thing.

If the Chinese are behind the hoax, what are they accomplishing?