Sunday, February 16, 2020

I Like Radio Sputnik But I Love Me Some TruNews

kansascitymag |  Radio Sputnik doesn’t really lean left or right, though. It leans hard both ways. Another show, “By Any Means Necessary,” features interviews with the likes of Noam Chomsky, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and Black Lives Matter activists. The notion that Democrats are cheating Bernie Sanders out of votes was in heavy rotation on that one.

At first glance, having a program that denounces social justice warriors (SJWs) and another that hosts Chomsky seems wildly inconsistent. Today’s Russian propaganda, however, doesn’t promote any particular political perspective. The point is simply to sow division, according to reports prepared for the Senate Intelligence Committee.

For example, in 2016, two Russian-controlled Facebook pages organized rallies in Houston. One group, called Heart of Texas but controlled by Russia, held a rally to “Stop Islamification of Texas.” Another Russian-sponsored page, United Muslims of America, organized a “Save Islamic Knowledge” counter-rally.

Sputnik feels a lot like that. If there’s a fault-line in our society (guns, abortion, Meghan Markle) then Russia wants to exploit it. That’s the dark reality too few Americans across the political spectrum seem willing to acknowledge.

If you are looking for a takeaway, though, the real “fault lies not in our stars” moment came when I first tuned into KCXL on a random Tuesday and found myself listening to speculation that Chief Justice John Roberts had been blackmailed by Jeffery Epstein. The show turned out to be TruNews, hosted by Rick Wiles. Texas-based Wiles, purportedly a pastor, has publicly claimed, among other things, that Queen Elizabeth II is a satanist and Bill Clinton is a cannibal. You might also recognize Wiles as the guy who called impeachment proceedings a “Jew coup” and was later given press credentials by the White House.

Yet you’ll notice nobody protests TruNews. It doesn’t make national news for broadcasting in a new city. Nobody at the Star writes an editorial denouncing Wiles.