Sunday, February 16, 2020

BuyBull Buddy Has a Different Take on the Wuhan Coronovirus (and Good Data on Falun Gong)

omegashock |  As we move into the second phase of this outbreak, we are starting to understand more and more about this virus. We know who is at greatest risk. We know what to do to avoid it. We are also beginning to understand that our fears about this virus are unnecessary. Being cautious is wise, being fearful is not.

Unfortunately, the hysterical media continue to pump out hysteria and deception. And, we’ll be seeing their clickbait headlines for a while longer, so remember who is engaging in these lies. As we move further into these Last Days, the fearmongers will only drag you down. So, ignore them.

Instead, show a dark and dying world what a true follower of Christ is really like.

Our job, as Christians, is to love the Truth. This means that we need to be extremely careful to never pass on a lie. And, if we should ever send out a lie, by mistake, we need to bend-over-backwards to make sure that this mistake was corrected. It should horrify us, if we should ever promote a lie.
Unfortunately, the men/websites that I have listed above have all been found to have promoted lies, without a shred of remorse. I have caught each and every one of them in a lie, and they have refused to even retract what they said – let alone apologize. And, this means that none of them can be trusted.

It also means that they are corrupt.

I really do not enjoy saying this about people, but those who do not love the truth are dangerous. They might not make up the lies that they peddle, but they are still doing grave damage to those of us who are seeking to warn others about what is coming.

Unfortunately, it is one thing to pass on a lie. It is quite another thing to actually create the lies. And, I have found these sites and people to be unflinching liars:

Rick Wiles – TruNews
Debkafile (Giora Shamis)
V The Guerilla Economist – (Viji Varghese)
The Epoch Times
Hal Turner – Hal Turner Radio Show

These people KNOW that they are lying. I’ve caught them at it, and they are unashamed by their lies. And, that lack of conscience over their deception is truly nauseating. We could speculate all day about how they could be so evil, but it really isn’t important. And, I’ve already shared some speculation in previous articles and videos.

The Epoch Times Is Lying

The only one that I have not really talked about is The Epoch Times. That ‘newspaper’ has been passing on a lot of deception about the Wuhan Coronavirus, and I strongly suspect that they are making up a lot of it all by themselves.

Why are they deceptive?
They are the media arm of the Falun Gong.
The Falun Gong are a Buddhist/Daoist mystical, shmystical cult started by Li Hongzhi in China. He made the mistake of challenging the Chinese Communist Party, which responded in a brutal crackdown that continues today. If you go to China to get an organ transplant, chances are high that the organ that you received came from a Falun Gong practitioner that was murdered by the Chinese Communist Party.

The Falun Gong might be a cult, and Li Hongzhi might be a moron for going up against the CCP. But, what China is doing to the Falun Gong is pure evil. And, it’s understandable that the media arm of the Falun Gong, The Epoch Times, would be interested in painting the Chinese government in as unfavorable a light as possible.

Unfortunately, a lie is a lie. And, we should never be a party to lies. And, that means avoiding The Epoch Times.