Sunday, February 09, 2020

Stop Lying, Cheating, Stealing, and Killing! Then the "Agents of Chaos" GOT NOTHING!!!

WaPo |  At first glance, the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak and the Democratic Party’s bungling of the Iowa caucuses don’t seem to have much in common. Yet take a closer look and you’ll see that both attest to the growing power of the agents of chaos who are prepared to twist information to nefarious ends.

It’s the uncertainty and the fear surrounding the Wuhan virus that have made it a global news story. The Chinese Communist Party reacted to the initial outbreak just as it has in the past — by suppressing any information from the source of the epidemic, including cracking down on a doctor who revealed it early on.

That has created a fertile environment for overheated media coverage, half-truths and conspiracy theories. No, the Wuhan virus almost certainly didn’t emerge from Chinese bioweapons research. And no, you can’t cure it with oregano oil.

Which brings us to Iowa. The state Democratic Party’s catastrophic mismanagement of the caucus vote count would have been bad enough in its own right. On Thursday, the chair of the Democratic National Committee said that he wants to see the results recounted. Yet the spreaders of disinformation have been working around the clock to exacerbate the damage — and here, too, Facebook, Google and Twitter have proved completely incapable of reining in the falsehoods.

The reality is that too many people have figured out that undermining the truth is easy, fun and profitable.The agents of chaos have the upper hand. We’d better figure out a way to fight back, and soon.