Sunday, July 29, 2018

When Yo'Money Right, Quacks Will Fiddle With Your Bowels For You!

riordanclinic |  On one particular day in the early 1970s, Olive was sitting under a hair dryer reading a review about a new book, Nutrition and Your Mind, by George Watson. The review stated that nutrition, or the food you eat, has an effect on your mind. This struck a chord in Olive. She did not believe that wallowing in your childhood and reliving traumas in your life would lead to a healthy mind. She differed with her former classmate, Karl Menninger, who became famous for starting the Menninger Clinic in Topeka. She couldn’t wait to read this book and immediately ordered it.

After reading the book, she began to formulate an idea that would eventually lead to The Center for the Improvement of Human Functioning. She had Clifford Allison, executive director of the Garvey Foundation, get in touch with Bill Schul, a freelance writer who had ties to Menninger Clinic, to study what was being done on the effect of nutrition on the mind. Although Bill thought the book was interesting, he did not think he was qualified to make that kind of study. Allison assured him that he was the correct person for the job since he would not be defending any discipline or philosophy, he would not be bringing any bias to the effort. Bill devoted more than six months to this research effort.(32) Except for one flight to the west coast the rest of the 12,000 miles covered during the course of this study were by car and commercial bus. Bill visited Centers in Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Washington, D.C., Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Colorado, Arizona, and California. After reading many books and research articles and interviewing leaders in the field of nutrition, with the help of the International Academy of Metabology, Inc., Bill was ready to give his preliminary findings. In November 1973 Bill presented Olive with the results of his research in a printed report, Preliminary Study: the effects of nutrition on the mind and related subjects. Bill authored a book, Frontiers of Medicine, from that research. He also recommended to Mrs. Garvey that he do some additional research into holistic medicine, which he thought was going to become the way of the future. Another book, Psychic Frontiers of Medicine, was published as a result of that study.

In the first study Bill focused on the state of treatment for mental diseases. Then he presented theoretical concepts between the mind and body. Psychosomatic medicine was also touched upon, along with the emerging practice of treating the whole person rather than the symptoms. Nutrition and the mind deserved several pages of the study as well as allergy and human ecology. He had included recommendations as to how a new type of medicine could be delivered, along with the estimated costs.