Sunday, April 09, 2017

Miss Lindsey Graham Sucks Her Pearls and Plays the Fool with Tucker Carlson

media-ite |  Tucker Carlson spoke with Senator Lindsey Graham tonight and confronted him about his proposal to send 7000 troops into Syria.

Graham has been very complimentary of President Trump taking action, telling Carlson tonight he’s actually “proud” of the president for taking action where Barack Obama would not.

Carlson expressed heavy skepticism about what Graham was proposing, asking him if he’s calling for a “whole new war” and whether the U.S. should be getting into that fight in the first place.

He brought up Graham’s proposal and asked about the cost. Graham didn’t have a number ready, and Carlson asked, “Did you not think through what the cost might be?”

Graham responded that it’s “minimal compared to the threats we face” and that “our national security interest can’t be monetized.”