Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Mainstream Media Caught Red-Handed Trying to Ignore Rice Scandal

fmshooter |  Yesterday, it was reported that Susan Rice, a national security advisor and close confidant of former President Obama, had requested that President Trump’s transition team be “unmasked” as it pertained to “incidental” surveillance on the President-elect and the team.  Bloomberg covered the story, but only after it was broken by “fake news” journalist Mike Cernovich, who himself had been attacked a week earlier on a CBS’s “60 Minutes” segment on “fake news”:

There was no mention of Susan Rice in any article whatsoever on their front page.  Brower wasn’t lying – CNN voluntarily chose to completely ignore the story, focusing instead on a nearly week-old story about hypoxia in F/A-18 jets.

I did a little poking around – was CNN alone in ignoring this story?  How was the rest of the media world responding?  I documented the evidence, taking screenshots of a lot of media websites’ home pages.  Starting with NBC and MSNBC, who unsurprisingly both followed the same trail of ignorance as CNN:

They also ignored the story last night.  But that shouldn’t be a surprise, as Susan Rice’s husband is employed by ABC news as an executive producer.  It also shouldn’t be surprising that ABC waited until this morning to run the Rice story, but only so they could run a story of Rice denying her involvement, and completely omit the original scoop itself: