Thursday, January 26, 2017

Trumps Victory Vs. Deep State Rabbit Hole

strategic-culture |  There are several key reasons why Donald Trump won, such as that he achieved a 1,405,004 nationwide popular-vote victory in all states except California, where he lost by an enormous 4,260,978-vote margin to Hillary Clinton (and so Hillary beat him in all 50 states by 2,864,974 votes) — and the Electoral College represents all 50 states, not just one. But not all of the reasons can (like that one) be understood merely by the numbers; and a particularly important reason for his victory has to do with the deepest level of the way that the American people process what they read and see and hear in the nation’s press, and interpret, from the press, what is happening in and to their country. This will be the subject here:

I thus invite you to follow me now down a rabbit-hole of the American ‘news’media, to focus light upon dark areas of the U.S. government. Along the way, you’ll meet various people and their teams who are contending for power, who are essential to know about, in order to understand the next-lower level down through those subterranean passageways, at the bottom of which is evidence that might help to explain why Trump actually became elected President.

And now we’re getting near the end of this rabbit-hole. It’s where Giraldi’s article says, “Third, when the report was issued, Stephen Hadley told Reuters,” and linked there to which has, at the very bottom (as of the present writing) “View Reactions (39)” of which a typical one is:

Barbara Colvin-Kerr 2 months ago

Warmonger Hag Madeline and Liar Hadley who was a main man in the Wilson’s Yellow Cake travesty during the Bush Jr. reign can keep their opinions to themselves. Send Fat Mad and Challenged Hadley to do recon in Syria. They can parachute in.

In other words: On even that mainstream website, Yahoo News, the readership were somehow generally aware that the U.S. federal government is the criminal operation that not only controls the Executive branch but that also controls the Legislative branch, which writes and enforces the laws so the government isn’t criminal at all — but it’s still so evil that it shouldn’t be allowed to invade anywhere, at least not in its present embodiment, its being controlled by neoconservatives, which the general public certainly are not. This government doesn’t represent the American public. It represents only the American aristocracy.

That’s the response of readers on a mainstream ‘news’ site. Not on the site such as you’re now reading, but on Yahoo! (It’s a Reuters news-report.)

And so it’s highly relevant — perhaps even crucial — toward answering the question of why Trump became elected.

Maybe the American public understood far more about its government and ‘news’media than than the government and ‘news’media thought was the case. Maybe the Establishment’s lying-operation was far less successful than its influential liars were expecting it to be.

Maybe a widespread and deep distrust of the nation’s ‘news’media had been underestimated by America’s oligarchs and so left them dazed and incredulous, on the morning of 9 November 2016.

As for the American public, they are confused, even more than they are deceived; and the reason why that is so, is that the lying by the press has simply been going on for too long a time. Americans suspect that the past few decades of U.S. ‘history’ — such as about the 
Kennedy and King assassinations, and 9/11 — are frauds, not history.