Monday, January 09, 2017

Meat the Presstitutes: Santelli Eviscerates Putrid Partisan Trollops

CNBC’s Rick Santelli called out Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell for their pro-Hillary bias in the most direct and embarrassing way possible on yesterday's Meet the Press. Mitchell, Chuck Todd, Donna Edwards, and David Brooks all got taken to the woodshed. After much narrative pearl-clutching and vapor-catching - host Chuck Todd ended the one-sided thrashing and changed the subject to outgoing SecDef Ashton Carter. 

realclearpolitics |   I think that what's going on here is really so politically driven. It doesn't matter who did what when. Working with Russia, we worked with Iran. Are they our friends? You have to take each situation uniquely. Listen, the president-elect has a boatload of issues. I agree with the pull of his ego. But I think that the media in general is just being quite unfair here.

CHUCK TODD: Wait, why is the media an issue?

RICK SANTELLI: Why is the media an issue?

CHUCK TODD: This is the intelligence community.

RICK SANTELLI: Okay, it's intelligence. Where was all of this when the D.N.C. was hacked in June? See, this wasn't made an issue. Because it would have put the emails and Hillary's server right in the middle in the thick of it. That's why this went under the radar screen. This is all tied together.