Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Behold the Man

So here we are - caught up in a maelstrom of economic and political discontents - so many untethered from that which gave their lives structure and purpose. Accelerating changes in the planetary ecology, coupled with even faster changes in hive-ape technology - have imperiled millions who lack the knowledge, skill, ability, or drive - to keep up - or even survive. 

The ordinary man is-as-he-is - because of his failure to actualize Effort - Intentional Suffering
- Self-Observation - Conscious Labor. Even if he wishes and chooses to do - it may not be possible for him to do. The ordinary man is like a man lying on the ground with a broken leg. We call him ordinary in exactly the same way we might say the man on the ground is suffering a "failure to walk". 
Without help, is it possible for him to simply stand up and be on his way?