Friday, January 27, 2017

Democrat Losers: The New Democrats Long War on the Working Class

neweconomicperspectives |  To sum it up, Brazile is running the DNC even though all the folks who call themselves “leaders” of the Democratic Party know that she used the Wall Street Journal to attack the democratic-wing of the Democratic Party as traitors to the Nation because they did not support Bush’s dishonest, unlawful, and catastrophic invasion of Iraq.  Further, she praised, and demanded that Democrats emulate, three of the worst chicken hawks who framed the lies, chose the bank fraud as their puppet, and bungled the occupation of Iraq.

So here is my obvious question: what political party in its right mind would choose Brazile as its leader?   She is a disgrace.  Listen to the jingoistic and juvenile phrase she used to sum up the New Democrat’s pro-war policies, particularly in light of her denunciation of Democrats who opposed Bush’s lies as “effete.”  “[Democrats] “need to return to … muscular national security principles.”   “Muscular?”  Of course, people who invade and kill people on the basis of lies are “manly” while those who oppose such invasions are “effete.”  Manly men are “muscular.”  They do not think.  A man that uses his brains rather than his muscles is not smart; he is “effete.”  We should glory in “regime change” because it is “muscular” – even if it transforms Iraq into an ally of Iran and leads to a series of sectarian civil wars in Iraq.  On the issues that separate the New Democrats from progressives, Brazile represents everything that the Democratic Party should be opposing.

Note also that Brazile, unintentionally revealed the massive ideological contradiction, the black hole of hypocrisy that forms the New Democrats’ gravitational center.  The New Democrats purportedly stand for the “end of big government,” deep distrust of government workers and programs, and austerity.  The New Democrats rushed to cheer Bush’s 2003 invasion of Iraq even though it was the quintessential “big government” endeavor.  They rushed to spend trillions of dollars on the Iraq war and military spending that exceeded the collective spending of the next nine nations with the highest military spending.  The New Democrats demanded that all Democrats cheer this wasteful government spending, which harmed our military, maimed and killed our troops, and maimed and killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians.  The New Democrats claim that the federal budget deficits and so-called “funding gaps” on the safety net mandate massive cuts in social spending programs.  They promote invasions and unnecessary and harmful military spending programs that could easily “pay for” those social programs if austerity really were a desirable policy (it is not).

Note that each of these examples of the New Democrats’ black hole of hypocrisy also represented an assault on the American working class.  Our service members are typically working class.  The people hurt most by austerity’s denial of full employment are the working class.  The people who gain enormously from austerity are Wall Street elites and the top one-ten-thousandth of one percent.  The people hurt most by budget cuts in social programs and the safety net are the working class.  The people hurt most by the New Democrats’ embrace of the three “de’s” are the working class.

The New Democrats are shocked that after waging their long war against the white working class – the white working class turned on the New Democrats’ candidate.  Who could ever have guessed that after the New Democrats abused the working class for over 30 years, the white working class would decide to return the favor?  (Again, yes, I understand that the Trump administration is betraying the working class.)