Monday, January 23, 2017

Nasty Women Leave Lots of Trash in Washington D.C.

reddit |  "Not ur bitch" - don't worry, nobody made the mistake of thinking that you were.
"I'm with HER" - oh, we couldn't tell, you're here virtue signalling and doing nothing of value, you fit right in.
"BUILD BRIDGES NOT WALLS" - well see we're physically connected to Canada and Mexico, so a bridge doesn't make much sense there.
"Feminism is the radical notion that" - I'll stop you right there, feminism is the radical notion that you're an idiotic c**t who doesn't even know that you have more rights than men in your home country and who literally doesn't care that women are having their genitals mutilated, are being forced into marriage, and raped/killed in the middle east by an actual oppressive ideology that feminists support yet our president has sworn to protect you and LGBT members from. But FUCK YEAH FEMINISM!
"Unity" - only we'll force you to cooperate with us, we're not budging. And we're the inclusive, diverse ones!
"Women use our Power for Good" - what power? This isn't a comic book where you have super powers. The only thing you did was waste a lot of your time protesting.. nothing, literally nothing, and then leave a mess on this sidewalk. I'm still waiting for those "powers" and for this "good" you speak of.
"PU$$Y POWER" - oh so you're 12? Cool, I was busy hacking computers when I was 12, it's why I have a job and you're stuck walking around carrying that retarded sign.
"CHOOSE LOVE" - what happened to hope? Did Trump manage to destroy your hope? Fucking A, what a president!
"DONT BACK DOWN" - wait what? Why would you tell me not to back down? I mean you don't have to because I won't, but that's weird.
I need to watch videos of this march. If this is just a small sampling of those signs, I'm sure there's so much entertainment to be had.
Edit: thanks for the gold, I'm going to use it to plate the inside of my apartment so I can feel more like Trump!