Sunday, January 08, 2017

Esteban Santiago Ruiz - Yet Another Targeted Individual?

Curious - yet another shooter - this time seeking help from the FBI - believing himself to be a targeted individual.

distract101 |  The media has declared Santiago to be a loose cannon, suffering from mental health issues, with a potentially violent history.

This sort of picture conveniently discredits the most important part of this entire story. Estaban Santiago seemed to have been asking for help – as he voluntarily went to the FBI to report that he was being targeted by the CIA, and forced to “join ISIS.”

Of course, an admission or records of the CIA’s involvement in their nefarious, top-secret programs is nearly impossible. Thanks to plausible deniability and a narrative carried by the media that says anyone who speaks about a conspiracy involving government must be crazy, the truth may never be known.

Examining recent history of potentially mind-controlled “shooters.” 
When an informed person hears the term, mind control, their first thought is typically the MK Ultra program. MK Ultra, was a CIA mind control program using a variety of tactics, and likely still exists today(although under a different code name).

One of the main goals of the MK Ultra program, was to create the infamous “Manchurian Candidate,” which is the ultimate weapon in a cold war or spy game. Whether abroad, or at home, nefarious groups operating clandestinely could use such an individual to target politicians, diplomats, high-valued targets, and as unlikely as it may seemed – even the public.

In recent times, names like Aaron Alexis and James Boulware may come to mind.

In 2013, Aaron Alexis walked into a Washington D.C. Navy yard equipped with a rifle. On the stock of the rifle, Aaron Alexis had carved, “my ELF weapon.” Was this a message?

The document below was released by the Newport Police Department, and clearly shows Aaron Alexis made a desperate call for help, as he seemed certain he was being followed and targeted.