Saturday, March 12, 2016

why has Trump had so much success?

quora |  If millions of Americans are clearly fed up with something, it's time to analyze what that something is; thinking that Trump is the problem is childish to say the least. Trump is an actor reading a script written by millions of American authors and he is willing to turn it into a movie. If I was American and anti-Trump, I would like to read that script in full and understand what inspired it, rather than stopping at the title. Because Trump might not make it through the elections, politically speaking, but those millions of Americans will try to get someone else to produce the movie, after him, if their concerns don't get addressed.

As an external spectator I'm more troubled by Trump's detractors and adversaries' lack of analysis over the discontent of a big chunk of American voters than by the tycoon's political success. I have the unpleasant feeling that some people have forgotten what a democracy is and how it works and that rather than addressing people's problems they are more busy addressing their adversaries' unfitness. This attitude, in history, has never led to victory.