Wednesday, March 02, 2016

JOHN MCAFEE: The NSA's back door has given every US secret to our enemies

BI |  Deng Xiaoping, in 1979 - his second year as supreme leader of China - perceived a fundamental truth that has yet to be fully grasped by most Western leaders: Software, if properly weaponized, could be far more destructive than any nuclear arsenal.

Under Deng’s leadership, China began one of the most ambitious and sophisticated meta- software development programs ever undertaken.

And what is meta-software? It's the one science that the entire Western World has entirely overlooked. It is a high level set of principles for developing software that are imperative if a nation is to survive in a cyberwar.

For example, programmers must constantly be audited. Every line of code written by every programmer is audited by two senior programmers, and these auditors are rotated each month and the same two are never paired more than once. You will see very clearly, later in this article, why such a principle is vital to a society’s survival.

Another principal is that back doors into software can never, under any circumstances, be allowed. Under Deng Xiaoping, the penalty for back doors, and for violating any of the meta- software principles, was death.

I will give an example of what happens in the real world when back doors are put into software. On December 17th of last year, Juniper Networks - a major provider of secure network systems, who's customers include nearly every US government agency, announced that it had discovered two “unauthorized” back doors in its systems.

For those of my readers who do not understand how back doors are created - they can only be created by the manufacturers of the software. There is, absolutely, no other way.

So, the company had to have a rogue employee in the software development department. This much is clear.

It will also be clear, if you continue reading, who placed the rogue employee within Juniper Networks and why.