Sunday, January 24, 2016

this useless potatoe head couldn't even get the political ball rolling...,

freep |  Neeley's complaint to the governor came three months before a March 2015 consultant's report that recommended spending $50,000 to add corrosion control chemicals to Flint's drinking water because iron was leaching from the pipes and turning the water brown.

The disclosure of the Snyder e-mail and a second one Neeley to State Attorney General Bill Schuette in September asking for an investigation into the Flint water delivery crisis came two days after Snyder promised in his annual status report to fix the Flint water problem.

Schuette, who declined to investigate last fall, is investigating now.

Could Neeley's complete letter have been omitted because he wrote that "community health could be on the decline as citizens become afraid to even shower or bathe in their homes. The people of Flint bring bottles of brown water full of sediment and other foreign substances to community meetings, asking only to be treated as human beings."

Nobody read that but the press secretary? Michigan deserves to hear those words this week. Flint deserves it.

“It’s really hard to figure out who are the accessories to the crime being committed against this city and who are the allies to fix this massive problem that we facing,” Neeley said. “I think the governor has more to say to the people of Michigan, and he is reluctant to say it.  He’s being selective about what truths he wants to release.”

Understandably, Flint residents and some elected leaders are not sure whom to trust and wonder whether all that needs to be done will be done – for residents and for the children.

"The frustration hasn't subsided yet,” Neeley said. “My frustration has grown with individuals who are very dismissive of the Flint community and their concerns."

The question to be asked now may not be: What did they know and when did they know it?
The question may be:  How could an intelligent, organized millionaire and former businessman have something happening in his state as catastrophic as the Flint water crisis -- and not know about it for 18 months?

Or:  What kind of people did he choose to work for him that they would let this problem, which could have been resolved with a $100 additive or a $50,000 anti-corrosion treatment, get this big? And do they still work there?

And here's a third question: How could this happen to Flint? The Rev. Jeffery Hawkins, pastor of Prince of Peace Baptist Church just blocks from the Flint River, had an idea.

“I believe it’s a city that has been kicked so many times, and when it comes to voting, our numbers are not always the greatest numbers … because of that, I think that the governor just doesn’t care about the city,” Hawkins said. “But there are still human rights afforded, and he could have cared far more than he did. There’s no excuse for what he did, at the end of the day."