Tuesday, January 26, 2016

supertools?- quantum computer science so frosty, they ain't even tryna tell you what he's up to...,

iarpa |  Mathematics (algebra, number theory and algebraic geometry), cryptology, quantum information science (theoretical and experimental), computer science-theory of algorithms, symbolic computation, complexity theory, machine learning, computer-human interfaces, scientometrics, geology

The biggest breakthrough would be if NSA could build a quantum computer that could implement Shor's algorithm using the Quantum Fourier Transform (QFT). This breaks RSA and Diffie-Hellman. The quantum research program at NSA used to be headed up by Mark Heiligman who is now at IARPA:

RAVEN Microelectronics, nondestructive analysis, nanoscale imaging, hardware assurance Dr. Carl McCants
SCITE Engineering enterprises that detect low probability events with low accuracy sensors, innovative research methods to evaluate analytic and forecasting tradecraft, innovative statistical methods to estimate performance of systems addressing complex analysis and forecasting problems, scientific research on organizational lessons-learned methods, evidence-based forecasting methods, inductive logic, probabilistic reasoning and its application to analytic tradecraft Dr. Paul Lehner
SHARP Cognition, psychometrics, fluid reasoning and intelligence, neuroscience, human performance Dr. Alexis Jeannotte
SILMARILS Chemical detection and identification (including standoff, remote, and ultra-compact/low power approaches), spectroscopy/spectrometry/chromatography, optical sensors, novel laser designs, frequency combs, nonlinear optics, fiber optic sensors/lasers/devices Dr. Kristy DeWitt
SLiCE Communication systems, geolocation, electromagnetics, radio frequency Dr. Chris Reed
SuperTools   Dr. Mark Heiligman
TIC Cybersecurity and information assurance, hardware assurance, microelectronics Dr. Carl McCants
TRUST Interpersonal trust, neurophysiology, behavioral science, advanced data analytics, social science Dr. Alexis Jeannotte