Monday, January 25, 2016

let's play what if?

What if during the 1990s Stuart Kauffman was involved in classified research for DARPA to develop, via synthetic biology techniques, a physical quantum neural network capable of performing quantum computations (e.g. Shor's Algorithm) suited for cracking public key cryptography?

What if the basic substrate was anyon quasiparticles interacting in a two-dimensional electron gas 2DEG , specifically a 2DEG environment in the common Field Effect Transistor?

What if the result of this project was a highly successful form of advanced nanotechnology best described as a winner-take-all-style of teleportation-based recurrent topological quantum neural network which could then be trained and optimized to solve particular problem sets?

What if this hypothetical new technology (only available to NSA, GCHQ, etc) was the real reason for President Bill Clinton's 1996 Executive Order 13026, legalizing export of the mathematical concepts behind public key cryptography?

What if some of the project scientists realized, to their great surprise and horror, that their new technology posed an existential threat to humanity comparable to the invention of atomic weapons?

What if some of the project scientists therefore formed a secret cabal to manipulate events in a way that *forced* humanity, including all governments, to forever relinquish control of this technology?

What if the story of just how they accomplished this has not yet been told, and will cause great consternation (huge understatement!) when it is finally understood?

What if in order to protect their (probably posthumous) reputations, members of the cabal published an essay explaining why they had done what they did?

Kauffman is into his seventies. While certainly forbidden to speak honestly about this work due to ironclad Non-Disclosure Agreements, what if he tried by sneaking past his censors a paragraph at the end of Chapter 8 of the first hardcover edition of *At Home In the Universe* that explicitly describes a global-scale teleportation/entanglement quantum neural network, and that this paragraph was forcibly redacted in all future published versions of this book?

Other scientists probably involved in this project include Steven Wolfram  (probably project leader), Brosl Hasslacher, possibly the great Murray Gell-Mann at an early stage before his 1991 ailment rendered him unable to participate, and possibly Danny Hillis.