Sunday, January 17, 2016

Open Thread: THE DOLLAR and THE BALLOT - please help BroCon Feed out...,

Dear Sir:

One day you will step beyond the well traveled rut within which you trek and begin to see that when it comes to POWER IN AMERICA

A. The two official currencies in America are THE DOLLAR and THE BALLOT

B. The primary chartered groups seeking to harvest these currencies from the masses are:
* Corporations (Which you frequently talk about)
* Organized Religious Organizations (which you frequently talk about)
* Unions
* Activist/ Civil Rights Organizations
* Political Parties
***AND The VIRTUAL Notions Of A RACIAL Group With Common Interests

C. That the common SYSTEMATIC SCHEME that each of them use compel their respective congregations to dutifully follow along are:
1) PROPAGANDA To Establish A Narrative For The Masses To Believe In (Branding)
2) A CORRUPT MEDIA To Dispense Enough Affirming Messages That EVEN WHEN A Congregant Starts To Believe That They Are Being Mislead By Bull Shit - His Fellow Foots Soldiers Are Indoctrinated Enough To Push Back, Compelling Him To "Get In Where He Fits In. (Just take a $49 candy bar phone (voice only) into your next meeting and note the taunting you receive. You telling them that you can purchase 16 of these phones for one of their iPhone 6S XL and you put the savings into your children's college fund will get you mocked further. )
3) COLONIAL FIELD AGENTS to enforce the message (see the people taunting you above)
4) The DESTINATION "HEAVEN" that the masses will receive ONLY IF they dutifully go along and don't challenge the establishment power arrayed before them. (The Good Guys who are on the "Right Side Of History")

So, dear sir, this leaves us to conclude that THE CORPORATIONS and THE BANKSTERS who you so frequently point to ARE BUT ONE SET of CAPITALIST OPPORTUNISTS running around in this ecosystem.

More damning to "The Least Of These" are the forces who:
* Got into power by fighting against yesterday's corporations
* Condemned these corporations when they departed from their zones of power where they promised to bring these corps to their needs in order to advance Social Justice and Equality for the masses.
* Saved face and were not run out of LOCAL POWER as they recalibrated their fight from a LOCAL FIGHT to a NATIONAL FIGHT and tricked their congregation to shift their hope for Social Justice and prosperity upward and outward, continuing to invest their HOPES and VOTES

They did ONE BETTER than the CORPORATION in that they:
* Compelled The Churches, Civil Rights Organizations, Unions to compromise themselves based on the promise that in unity and "No Hateration Allowed" they can build up a unified power block and MAKE THE DISENFRANCHISED PEOPLE PROUD once THEY GET INTO POWER. Today the LEAST OF THESE are tricked into living vicariously through the ESTABLISHMENT OF THEIR OWN CHOOSING and the MONEY and POWER that they have but do not need to share.

Where am I wrong, Sir?