Thursday, November 28, 2013

lack of replacement is a nation killer...,

Towards the end of the documentary, the BBC reporter interviews a fluent English speaking medical worker. The key take away from this documentary is that the current velocity of money leading to economic growth has led Japan to a certain level of national assets and liabilities. If we reduce the ability to grow the assets, then the liabilities (in this case, the very real problem of an overabundance of Japanese Government debt) is not going to be serviced. 

Who will buy Japanese bonds? How will Japan be able to get the workers it needs to fulfill exports which are Japan’s bread and butter?

There is also talk about mass immigration in this same segment of the documentary - and the Japanese will have none of it.

Water, energy, pollution - the unspeakable - are all acute problems for Japan - BUT it is the finances which will not support resolution of these fundamental problems. With the globe all interconnected financially these days, and not likely to change, it is a problem which the Japanese will not be able to overcome.


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