Thursday, August 08, 2013

6th Post Ever REDUX - Information and Biological Revolutions

It was this subtitle that really, really baked my noodle and sent me down the rabbit hole of spiraling cogitations and digital collaborations concerning the nature of things as they presently stand - and the shape of things to come.

This report summarizes the issues that arose and the discussions held during the meetings of a 1998-1999 study group focusing on global governance of information technology and biotechnology. The goal was to bring a policy perspective to bear on a discussion of new technological developments through a series of free-flowing and exploratory presentations and discussions.

Download it and read it in its entirety when you get a chance...,

This repost is a public service to any and all readers who may wonder concerning the fundamental purpose and motivation underlying this exercise in "current events" (l'actualité) review and summarization. I am obsessively curious about - and more than a little rebellious toward - that human micro-minority which has arrogated to itself the prerogative of two-legged livestock management. Decades of observation and analysis have disinclined me toward the belief that this micro-minority identifies itself as our "good shepherds". Instead, I suspect that something far more Kanamitic is afoot in the Empyrean reaches of human governance.