Thursday, August 01, 2013

jay-z: objectivist exemplar...,

nydailynews | Thanks to Keli Goff of The Root for writing the definitive word on the war of words between singer and civil rights activist Harry Belafonte and Jay Z, the budding sports agent, Atlantic Yards cheerleader and former owner of a tiny sliver of the Nets.

“These men are not equals in any way,” Goff writes. “Jay Z will never be in Belafonte's league, no matter how many CDs he sells or millions he earns (or how many presidents he pays to hang out with through political fundraisers). The only thing making this fake ‘feud’ marginally interesting is that Jay Z seems oblivious to this fact, as do some of his fans, a few of whom are so intellectually lacking that they are unaware of how much greater Belafonte's legacy is and will always be than that of ‘Hova.’

Goff follows up with five reasons why Belafonte is “more relevant and more of a man than Jay Z will ever be.”

She notes that Belafonte provided financial support to Martin Luther King Jr. and his family when the civil rights icon was a struggling pastor and even helped bail King out of jail following his arrest in Alabama. She also points out that Belafonte helped fund the freedom rides.

Jay Z, meanwhile, donated just $6,431 of the $63 million he earned in 2010 – and that money went to his own charity.

Meanwhile, over at Atlantic Yards Report, Norman Oder examines Jay Z’s claim that his very presence is charity and that his rise from crack dealer to hip-hop star is inspiring.

“Jay Z has a point: many, many people (like NPR's Frannie Kelley) found the presence of Jay Z opening the Barclays Center trumping any controversy: ‘The Barclays Center is fraught, but watching Jay open it was touching, and that night, I did not feel complicated about him.’

“And Jay-Z neutralized/deflected a lot of criticism of the arena and Atlantic Yards project.

“But ‘my presence is charity?’ Puh-leeze. He's a business, man.”


Constructive_Feedback said...

Brother CNu you are being clowned by the vapors that Keli Goff is putting out.

She did not express "Offense" about Jay-Z or his bride when they were loaning their "brand" to help Obama get reelected.

Keli Goff is one of the "Black Feminist Progressive Political Operative Journalists" that have left their fellow Black females within the community VULNERABLE as they provide them with the confidence to KEEP STRUGGLING FORWARD in the realm of politics.

There is NO TIME at which Ms Goff can be seen WITHHOLDING HERSELF FROM POLITICAL ACTIVISM and thus suggesting that her fellow Black feminists do the same as what they have "Put Out" already has failed to SUFFICIENTLY DEVELOP the human resources within and regulate the INSTITUTIONS.

In as much as Black women and children are the #1 victims of destroyed institutions I am not willing to impart any veracity to Ms Goff's observations as so much of what she SEES is politically tinged to the detriment of the enforcement of "Return On Investment" for the Americanized Negro.

CNu said...

lol, Bro. Feed, homey don't get clowned..., I couldn't care less what Keli Goff is putting out.

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