Sunday, August 25, 2013

innapropriate behavior impoverishes..., (rodney king syndrome at the 7:00 minute mark)

dreamandhustle | I want to make something very clear about wannabee cats running around Dream and Hustle or circling about Dream and Hustle and make sure everybody understand – I do not read, watch, listen to or subscribe to Dr. Claude Anderson and do not know much about what he say or what he offers. If Dream and Hustle sounds like Dr. Claude Anderson it is because we see the same obvious symptoms in our community and our economic outlook and the only thing that means to you is that Dr. Claude Anderson and we independently validated each other talking points that what we talking about is real – that is what you better realize.

Now, as you watch this video which is 2 hours and I’m not expecting you to watch it in one set. I need you to check out something as we did in our analysis. We want you to look at Dr. Claude Anderson solution he proposed. Notice he is saying the same thing we discovered here at Dream and Hustle about creating manufacturing, entertainment and distribution frameworks to our cities. But he said something interesting about technology that I don’t believe Dr. Anderson believe today.

What I took away from this video is we have too much “talking about the problem” instead of talking about the solution in the Black community. This is why I cannot hang around cornballs who talk about Powernomics or Dr. Anderson or come around me and post “you need to read..” – homey, I don’t need to read ish. Think about what homey just told me – I need to read…no, I need to get my behind out there in the real world and make a damn difference for my people, my community and our children future.

The truth of the matter is, we need to speak two hours on solutions and how to implement solutions and realize the past and previous history is nothing more than archaic data that has only nostalgia value. What happens yesterday do not matter, how we handle right now and setup for our future tomorrow matters and the only thing worth talking about. Dr. Anderson spend too much time talking about the problem, cats want to sympathize with the problem but when it comes to solutions – where’s the beef? We need to talk 80% solutions at this point and that’s why you don’t see me getting along with these lame ass book readers in the Black community talking about Amos Wilson and Claude Anderson all the time. 

Sorry, but in this video all I heard was problems and the solution was already implemented during the Great Migration – he providing an old school model that cannot compete with the Chinese fishing industry and leather making industry. Haiti?! Not Nicaragua that has Black community or even Honduras that has a Black community?! Some of yall want to worship this Dr. Claude Anderson dude and his books more than work on real solutions to the Black community problems…keep it real.


Ed Dunn said...

Oh, so that's where I'm getting all this hate mail from! LOL! The funny part is people trying to preach to me about Dr. Claude Anderson when he stated he was sick of these people just reading his books and talking and not doing anything and he want to focus on being an old guy nowadays. Minister Farrakhan is making the same rumblings from my source. These guys are getting old and people are still marching 50 years later living off the Civil Rights legacy.

CNu said...

These fools kill me with this pretend acting out. So much symbolism/narcissism signifying nothing. Not nary a one-of-em with the imagination and the testicular fortitude required to take on the people leadership and change management tasks at hand, knowing good and well they have no solutions to offer, yet still desperate to occupy the stage and keep the mic in hand.

As they all fiddle, the urban cores collapse and will be privatized right out from under the failed political control of the 2nd/3rd line inheritors - and at firesale prices to boot!