Saturday, January 26, 2013

what's that africom cover story again?

antiwar | But Patrick Meehan, chairman of the US Congressional committee that drew up the report, said “While I recognize there is little evidence at this moment to suggest Boko Haram is planning attacks against the [US] homeland, lack of evidence does not mean it cannot happen.”

Washington’s interest in Africa goes back at least to 2007, when the Pentagon’s AFRICOM was formed, long before rebels in Libya or militants in Mali were a threats to exaggerate.

The dominant way of thinking in Washington is that the US should be involved in every corner of the planet, and the pressure to always “do something” is intense.

But as Micah Zenko, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations recently commented with regards to the intervention in Mali, “Some things that happen on the other 94% of the earth that isn’t the US, has nothing to do with the US, nor requires a US response.”


Constructive_Feedback said...

[QUOTE]No ConFeed, it is you who has focused far too narrowly on Obama - motivated by nothing so much as petty partisan rancor.[/quote]

YOU have ME wrong, sir!!!

I say, countlessly - LOOK PAST OBAMA (and the Right Wing) ON STAGE and INTO THE CONGREGATION!!!!

Obama is merely a "Progressive Fighting Of The RIGHT WING" who gives the Black Progressive JUSTIFICATION TO COMPROMISE HIS OWN INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY AND CONSCIOUSNESS. That he needs to be REGULATED in his access TO THE BLACK COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS - just like he calls for CITIBANK to be regulated.

IF YOU only get "Partisanship" out of me - when I AM CALLING OUT THE TRUTH - then I have no more to say.

When I see the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MAN FORCES" lurking within the hen house - with BLACK FEATHERS tarred upon his body - should I NOT CALL HIM OUT AS A FRAUD?

IF I notice that Thomas/Cain/West DO NOT have the UNCHECKED ACCESS to the Negro's valuables BUT CAN successfully RILE HIM UP - having him MOVE OFF OF "his nest" - where The White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally STEALS the eggs (his CONSCIOUSNESS) - ...........................then I must accept that what YOU detect as PARTISANSHIP ON MY PART (while YOU can't pronounce MY BENEFIT received in doing so ) then it just must be that FOXES ARE PARTISAN and that anyone wishing to retain their eggs had better get a "Fox Seeking Partisan Scope" that can see through the darkness as the larceny is taking place!!!!

CNu said...

Feed, feed, feed, feed, feed....., smdh....,

Don't offer up a premature obituary for racism, and don't fall for schoolyard definitions of the same.commentary on racism is most incisive when
it keeps its focus on the economic dimension -- which I believe is
central -- rather than the emotionalism about "hate" wallowed in to
excess by infotainment for the unthinking. It is better to focus on the
intent and the purposes of the racism, which are to create and maintain
economic disparities. From such focal points, one can advance policy and
law enforcement arguments to eliminate these imbalances. Then, you are
speaking about the here and now in a clear, unvarnished and rational
manner. This can be extremely hard-hitting without being pitiful and
cloying. This is in the spirit of Malcolm X and Frantz Fanon, and that
is momentum, that is self-respect, that is pride. If we got enough of
this, it might also be revolution.There remain very valid marketing and relational reasons why 96% of Obama constituents are sold on Obama and the elite Brookings brand of governance, and why they eschew the white nationalist republican party and all that it represents. Until the republicans divest themselves of the knuckledraggers in their tent, that's not going to change.

Some things about these humans never change. The same message delivered affectionately vs delivered with rancor and venom will be taken quite differently by the intended recipient. What is true of the white nationalists in the GOP's big tent is equally true of negroe conservatives hurling capitalized invectives at other black folks online.

makheru bradley said...

Brother Feed, more Afrikan Americans voted in 2012, but "Stephen" received 93 percent of the Black vote in 2012 vs 96 percent in 2008. That means that some people, like Bro. Nulan, were able to see through the "most brilliant stroke of disguised hypocrisy in American political history" this time.

Constructive_Feedback said...

93% versus 96%?

This is a fall from "Obama Jesus Jesus" down to "Obama Jesus".

You should look at WHAT IS AFFIRMED in this Monopoly Majority that was built up from 50 years of investment, asking WHY ARE WE LOOKING NATIONALLY - but few Black people are recalling what the LOCAL OFFICIALS promised them upon getting elected into office, yet now they are PARTY OPERATIVES keeping us focused on OBAMA on the national stage.

CNu said...

Feed, I fully support Ed Dunn and the Dream and Hustle agenda. Since he's your homey in ATL, are the two of you acquainted with one another and actively working together?

makheru bradley said...

This is a fall from "Obama Jesus Jesus" down to "Obama Jesus". I'm in Harriet Tubman-mode. From 96 to 93 is huge for me.

In 1965 when the Voting Rights Act was passed 75 percent of Afrikan American children were being raised in a two-parent family. In 2012 when Barack Obama was reelected 72 percent of Afrikan American children were being raised in a single-parent family. The neo-colonial project the Kennedy brothers imagined (local/state/national focus on electoral politics at the expense of economics/education/culture) has been successful beyond their wildest dreams. Stephen Sambo-Quimbo Obama is the icing on the cake.

The results speak for themselves.,0,3581598.story

The POTUS could not bring himself to mention Chicago during his inaugural address.

“Our journey is not complete until all our children, from the streets of Detroit to the hills of Appalachia to the quiet
lanes of Newtown, know that they are cared for, and cherished, and always safe from harm.”

Obama’s failure should be called out but there is a bigger issue. When will we have our “Rosa Parks Moment” and put an
end to Black-on-Black violence?

Constructive_Feedback said...

[quote] The neo-colonial project the Kennedy brothers imagined (local/state/national focus on electoral politics at the expense of economics/education/culture) has been successful beyond their wildest dreams.[/quote]

EYE TO EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ted Kennedy was the most DESTRUCTIVE elected official upon the BLACK COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS in the past 50 years.
I have said this for a long time and I am sticking to it until some other force trumps him.

Constructive_Feedback said...

We are working in the same orbit but have not linked up.

We exchanged mail about "Mobile Payments".
We just need to get together.

CIA Showed The House Speaker Its Pictures Of His Little Johnson.....,

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