Friday, January 18, 2013

the bad man...,

shtfschool | I knew a guy before SHTF who was nobody. Ordinary worker from one of the industrial machine parts factory. Actually I did not really know him other from usually “hello” on the street, or football discussion sometimes in the neighborhood.

He lived alone, looked decent, and had a typical work and afterwards “coffee house / bar with friends” life. If someone asked me to describe him, I would say “just a guy from the neighborhood” or typical “normal dude”.

When SHTF, he emerged as one of the leader of local groups. And he was popular, he had something that make people want to follow him. Problem was that he had something that make bad kinds of people follow him. He was pretty much something like psychopath.

Murders, rape, robbing and everything else that goes with that was their way of life in that time. And to make things clear here I need to say that whenever I met him and his group out on the street I would go and hide even I knew him from his “former life” as normal guy.

This guy was now someone very different.

It was not a movie, I was prepared to confront them and fight only as a last option, but Batman was not living in the city in that time, even if he was there he probably would have given up so chances of superhero versus group of bag guys was not realistic.

How bad?
They liked to catch sometimes a guy and make him run over the open space where snipers were active, if the guy survived that (rarely) then they shoot at him. If he survived that shooting too, then he would live. He called that “God will decide are you going to live or die”.

Some people have certain type of charisma, and he had lot of it. When you add fact that he was bad, or evil if you like you got explosive combination. He was something like bad kind of hero, man who weak people want to follow. And they will obey his command. Also when you add fact that he provide security and food for them that counts too.

I was once in their nest, or headquarters if you like to call it like that. That was place like taken from weird fairy tales, or like some drug induced nightmare.


Tom said...

I've bookmarked this for my 'libertarian' friends who think we should get rid of laws and police because people will behave anyhow.

CNu said...

The epic Tombstone (Val Kilmer/Kurt Russell) with it's red sash wearing and anarchic gang-banging "Cowboys" did a fine job of retrospectively illustrating certain fundamental truths about law and order

CNu said...

I bought a pair of those jungle master machetes like the one Denzel is wielding as the blind swordsman Eli-ichi - best $40.00 bucks I've spent in a very long while. They're amazingly sturdy and intimidating looking weed whackers - and a hands-down replacement for the disposable united cutlery tactical machete I used to favor

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