Thursday, January 31, 2013

martial law in paragould: rahm emanuel - hollar at your boy...,

salon | Updated, Jan. 30: According to local news reports, the police department canceled two subsequent town hall meetings to discuss the heavy handed policing plan. Following outrage from Paragould residents, the police cited “public safety concerns” to cancel the meetings. Meanwhile, Paragould’s mayor has reportedly dialed back his rhetoric around the amped up policing proposal and, according to the Arkansas Times, the mayor said patrolling police would not “constantly” be carrying assault rifles. Although announced to begin in January, no SWAT patrols have begun in Paragould yet.

Original: Following a rise in violent crime in Paragould, an Arkansas town of around 26,000 residents, the mayor and police chief announced that starting this month police in SWAT gear carrying AR-15s would patrol the streets.

“If you’re out walking, we’re going to stop you, ask why you’re out walking, and check for your ID,” police chief Todd Stovall told a December town hall meeting. As if to render the implementation of a visible police state more palatable, Stovall assured residents that police stops would not be based on any profiling: “We’re going to do it to everybody,” he said.

Stovall also told residents he had not consulted an attorney before instituting the plan. HuffPo’s Radley Balko noted that Paragould is not the first town to bring in such measures:
Using SWAT teams for routine patrols isn’t uncommon. Fresno did this for several years in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The city sent its Violent Crimes Suppression Unit into poorer neighborhoods and stopped, confronted, questioned, and searched nearly everyone they encountered. “It’s a war,” one SWAT officer told Christian Parenti in a a report for The Nation (not available online). Another said, “If you’re 21, male, living in one of these neighborhoods, and you’re not in our computer, then there’s something definitely wrong.”


CNu said...

Before you even ask, the mayor and the chief are going in on honeybooboo and her cousins an'em....,

Dale Asberry said...

Of course, the racism angle was what initially prompted me to send this as it is the modus operandi in the South. Thankfully this proves out that it's better to be lucky than smart ;-)

CNu said...

Before too terribly long, people are going to figure out that Les Miserable/Dickinsian conditions and behaviors are not racial, rather, they're long-term reactions to _________________? Further, they're going to figure out that those who are comparatively lucky in this collapsing economy are not demarcated by race as much as socioeconomic class and the access/exposure/security that that confers. The sheriff in Milwaukee Wisconsin is an embodiment of the truth of the situation, as is the worst case scenarios that unfolded a few years ago and which probably continue in some cities in Brazil.

Dale Asberry said...

_____ - the perverse need to impose self/ego on others -- to make them into clones, and, if the refuse the imposition, then to destroy them?

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