Tuesday, January 08, 2013

we must drive the money changers from the temples of life...,

Society is a hierarchical structure of vertical transactions enforced by the threat of coercive violence, which prescribes, proscribes and controls voluntary horizontal transactions as well. 

Community is structured on horizontal voluntary interactions - only some of which are transactions, none of which are backed by the threat of coercive violence. 

Building community dismantles society.


John Kurman said...

Off topic, but IEEE has an article about Google glass: http://spectrum.ieee.org/consumer-electronics/gadgets/google-gets-in-your-face

I would suggest, since my options in becoming an old fuck are rapidly narrowing, that they may want to include adaptive optics on the thing, so I don't have to wear cheaters when I'm being so goddam informed about my world.

CNu said...

I wonder if the commercial product will allow you to select which eye the heads-up display is mounted over?

John Kurman said...

If it were me, I'd make it all modular and assemble-able, so you could select either. And if it were me, I'd be looking for a, uh, a body motion power generator (there is a short word for this now, right?) to keep the battery from running down.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Great idea I wish I owned this license and marketing rights!I wish when my kids were young I could have bought these items instead of nonsense like ninja turtles, my little pony, black barbie dolls etc..
For years Black faces were on products such as Uncle Ben’s Rice to Aunt Jemima’s Syrup etc.Our images reflected excellance and a superior product and sevice!!
Images of Black slave figures are great conduits for us to educate and informed our children while we elevate them with the truth and reality about life in this place we call America.
When I was in Detroit I was an advocate for Rosa Parks dresses, shoes, etc..I was an advocate for all of icons to be marketed not just for our kids but for whites but other people of color as well.
It makes no sense not to market our history, our pain and struggle should not just be a footnote or a photograph just for the rich and ruling class!!!
Our legacy is an asset and Our imgages have value and currency and we should take this historical capital and exploit thier value in the marketplace!

Anonymous said...

My last post was in regard to Django Action figures!

Greg Thrasher

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