Sunday, April 29, 2012

with the dopamine flowing like this, you knew the booty popping couldn't be far behind...,

CNN | After focusing on "green cars" in recent years, carmakers are wowing visitors at the Auto China 2012 car show with vehicles that are big, bad and gas-guzzling.

"I would definitely be interested if the price was right," says Wang Xizhen as he ogled a deep purple Aston Martin DBS.

Aston Martin launched its Dragon 88 China-only limited edition this week. With gold dragon emblems embroidered onto its leather seats, the car also carries a hefty price tag - more than 5 million yuan (nearly $800,000).

Jeep also launched a China-inspired car -- a flashy Wrangler concept car emblazoned with a long silvery dragon across the hood.

"Jeep brand sales in China in 2011 increased 81% over the prior year and China," said Mike Manley, CEO of Jeep Brand, Chrysler group, at the unveiling on Monday. "Last year, more Jeep vehicles were sold in China than in any other country besides the U.S. and Canada."

Manley said because the brand is committed to China, it's important to design and tailor vehicles specifically to Chinese tastes. But some consumers, like Wang, disagreed.

"Just because it has a dragon on it, doesn't mean Chinese people will love it. After all, we're after going after a western brand," said Wang. "I like the subtlety of Aston Martin's dragon design, but to put a huge dragon across the entire car is going overboard."

Jeep and Aston Martin are among many foreign automakers hoping to woo hundreds of thousands of Chinese consumers visiting the show this week, especially as China has become the world's largest auto market amid a sales slump in Europe and tepid growth in the United States.

Despite the push in green cars in previous years following government subsidies for cleaner vehicles, this year's focus turned to gas-guzzling SUVs. Crowds swooned over the new Lamborghini Urus SUV concept car -- a potential competitor to the popular Porsche Cayenne.

Ford also unveiled three SUVs at the show, including the EcoSport, which is expected to be manufactured at the company's China factory in Chongqing.

"SUVs are a strength for Ford globally and here in China, the SUV segment is one of the fastest growing segments in the industry," said Joe Hinrichs, president of Ford's Asia Pacific and Africa region. "So you put the two's a very exciting time."

Automakers have turned their attention to bigger cars and flashier cars to attract consumers since there are fewer government-backed incentives to pursue green technology, analysts say.


CNu said...

"far behind" - rotflmbao...., (I crack myself up sometimes - pretty much daily)

CNu said...

 Hereabouts, we refer to it as decision neuroscience or as dopamine hegemony depending on the angle that we're scrutinizing it from.

Sabrinabee said...

Yes, I like dopamine hegemony. This is how we and the world has been sold a bag of tricks. I think there was a moment of clarity during the Bush Administration but, as usual the masters gained control again. They did it by throwing us a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing, then launched an attack on that wolf so get the two sides warring again, Between that, religion and a complicit media, the world is theirs for the taking.

CNu said...

In black sheep's clothing, and about that moment of clarity, would that have been because G-Dub was such a painfully awkward narrator in chief, yet one who liked to hear himself talk? Did G-Dub simply lack the storytelling chops to put a shine on his turrible predatory militarism and simultaneous police state preparations?

Dale Asberry said...

For the majority, the mandates he was putting into place were too big of a step and crossed over into the liminal. The majority now notices nothing because they'be been repetitively conditioned to the mandates.

Sabrinabee said...

Yep, or at least a pecan hued dye job. LOL, Georgie was so cartoonish even the sleeping had begun to wonder if a joke was being played on them. He ought to be set wreaths off in the ocean for Bin Laden because without him, the peasants would have stormed the Bastille by the end of his first term.

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