Friday, April 27, 2012

left in the dark: plant/human symbiosis and the fall of humanity

realitysandwich | “I believe that the lost secret of human emergence . . . the undefined catalyst that took a very bright monkey and turned that species into a self-reflecting dreamer . . . that catalyst has to be sought in these alkaloids in the food chain that were catalyzing higher states of intellectual activity.”
--Terence McKenna

Tony Wright and Graham Gynn are authors of Left In The Dark--the book that presents Tony’s research outlining a radical re-interpretation of the current data regarding human evolution and, they contend, our recent degenerated state we call “civilization”. You can read the book for free here. Despite such a young and extreme proposal positive reactions are growing and include such minds as Dennis McKenna, Stanislav Grof, Colin Groves, Michael Winkelman and many There are many mysterious anomalies about human evolution yet to be adequately explained. These include the human brains rapid expansion in size and complexity, why this accelerating expansion suddenly stalled roughly 200,000 years ago and our brains have been shrinking ever since, and why our rare glimpses of genius goes hand in hand with our species wide insanity.

The following is a discussion with Tony Wright on these anomalies and more, followed by some further information on his theory.

TS: After two decades of research and radical self-experimentation you’ve come to a synthesis between the ancient data and information coming out of modern science. Paradoxically this all seems to indicate a humongous problem, and simultaneously explains why we would be oblivious to it in the first place: we are all suffering from species wide neural retardation, and are now too deluded to even realize when faced with the mountain of evidence. Is this the general idea?

TW: Yes. It should be virtually impossible to find any supporting evidence for such a profound theory if there was no real problem with the development and structural integrity of our neural system in the first place. If there were only ancient accounts of the diagnosis, or any supporting biological data, or initial support from some of society’s sharpest minds, then it should at least ring alarm bells. That all those elements exist and in addition our collective behavior has long been thought by many to be insane indicates something really serious just doesn’t add up. If everything is fine then the theory would be a no-brainer to refute, and we should at least have no fear in thoroughly checking it out.

So during millions of years of evolution in the African tropical forest we developed a symbiosis with fruit, and your proposing that it is no coincidence the most complex tissue in the known universe evolved during a symbiosis with perhaps dozens of species of the most complex chemical factories on the planet. How did this occur?

I’m proposing that the accelerating expansion of the neo-cortex was due to a runaway feedback mechanism driven by our own hormone system in combination with the complex plant bio-chemistry provided by our diet. What has been overlooked is the profound effects of flooding our brains 24/7 for thousands of generations with this highly advanced molecular engineering formula. Fruit is essentially a womb-like developmental environment for the seeds and has very unique, highly complex hormonally active chemistry. Our early development is dictated by the transcription process whereby changes in how the DNA is read dictate the type of structures that develop. Steroids like testosterone are the key players here, but by incorporating more and more of these DNA-reading plant chemicals into our diet we basically shifted from a typical mammalian developmental environment to more of a plant developmental environment.

Along with regulating gene transcription many of these molecules increase brain activity, modulate the endocrine system including the pineal gland, inhibit mono amine oxidase (MAO inhibitors), are antioxidants and also inhibit the activity of our own hormones such as testosterone and oestrogens. Just altering the activity of these two hormones has a dramatic affect on many aspects of our development, physiology and neural structure. For example, decreasing they’re activity extends juvenility and the window for brain development by delaying the onset of sexual maturity.

All this coming together would have many interconnected affects and, being that this bio-chemistry would be present in the developmental environment it would dramatically impact what develops at this most sensitive and rapid stage of brain/endocrine system growth in the uterus.

This carried on after birth through breastfeeding, and then afterwards through directly ingesting this highly advanced molecular engineering cocktail we call fruit. Each generation would pass down a progressively modified neuro-endocrine system as a result. So after millions of years of ever more entangled co-evolution nearly all of the transcription chemicals present during our early development and on through life that were essential to our optimal design/functioning were lost and replaced by progressively worse substitutes irrelevant to our evolution . . . all the way until we reach today’s ‘junk’ food. Ironically much of this actually has the opposite effect of fruit bio-chemistry on our hormones, causing the unique process to reverse.

All of this sounds complex but at its foundation it’s just really basic engineering principles: If you change the design (transcription) and construction materials that a system or technology is built from and fueled by, then the structure and functionality of that system will inevitably change as a result. This logic is obvious when applied to any of our technologies but paradoxically we haven’t applied it to the thing involved in generating our perception, which just happens to be the most complex piece of kit we know. Our perception is directly correlated with and ‘effectively’ a product of the extremely sensitive structure and bio-chemistry of our brain and this has changed out of all recognition in a very short time. (more on this symbiosis)


Uglyblackjohn said...

So, does this have anything to do with why those from early Biblical stories were said to have lived such long lives?  

CNu said...

My opinion John, is that the story of long lives has more to do with vague recollection of cameral sympathos, animism, participation mystique - the type of multiple identity, cyclical, telepathic basis for  human culture where idols are found. (you ever wonder why idolatry pretty much went away, and where it remains in vestigial form - thangs very different - much more tropical?)

I think that that archaic normative human psychology and the cultures it spawned succumbed to the hard mental-egoic psychology and the culture(s) which that mentality spawned - but that tropes from the former carried over to the latter with a sense of loss, nostalgia, or even feelings of a "fall from grace".

The easiest way to reach and experience aspects of archaic mentality is with psychedelic drugs - I've read (^; that you would be astounded at how profoundly time becomes dilated under the influence of such alchemycal solvents - what if in the earlier "biblical" era the experience of the flow of time was very, very different?

Gee Chee Vision said...

But CNu, if the relics of Chaco Canyons or Stone Henge or Egyptians or Dogon or whatever disappeared long ago leaving us with only relics of dusty scribblings and oral traditions, we would be arguing how highly unlikely those events or structures could've ever really existed.

I feel modern man maintains this concept about the pre-modern world that, if we can't do it, I know they couldn't; unless something is left behind to shove our words back down our throats.

Gee Chee Vision said...

^^^"...could not have existed"

CNu said...

I have accepted Freke and Gandy as authoritative wrt the age and origins of Hebrew scripture as also John M. Allegro the specific nature and comparative antiquity of the new testament

CNu said...

To bypass 14 centuries of meticulously preserved rudimentary information that's  agreed upon by majority scholarship   rotflmbao...,

GCV - the entheogenic origins of all world religions is patently obvious, yet you won't find ANY majority scholarship supportive of this fact.

Gee Chee Vision said...

I don't know what was obvious about Fredrick Dannaway's analysis. The
Ezekiel fiery wheel/ NOI mothership Tinkertoy connections elucidates
Ali's saying, since he refers to Ali so often, "If I wish to find a
camel in the Qur'an I'll find it."

No matter how objective one feigns to
be, they will find those prearranged conclusions they set out to

If dude is going to carve out exegesis & words based on strict Arabic
ontological formulas, he's going to have to stop with the Oswald Bates deconstructions.