Thursday, April 05, 2012

looking forward to it...,


John Kurman said...

Cool. But it also reminds of those hokey science fiction stories where everything is rainbow brite and my house coddles me and everyone is nice. How about using them goggles to commit genocide by locating people around of the wrong ethnicity/belief system/fanbase/fashion statement? Or for serial rape using the Girls Around Me app?

And why do bookstores even exist if I can get it all on glasses? Coffee and danish?

CNu said...

The urgently needed Death Squads gotta use something to step up the pace of getting their vital work accomplished, and as for the rest, well, every single significant advantageous mutation within a species has resulted in the rapid demise of those unevolved elements of that species. Sounds like a Darwinian emetic to me.

Bookstores, movie theaters, teevee(big flat panels, really?!?!?!?!), computer monitors, smart phones, etc..., just THINK about the advantageous economics involved with those tiny little heads-up displays, and, the corresponding boost in visual quality (not to mention the metadata overlays that will make selected individuals virtual gods in the meatspace, while reducing a fair number of others to metadata crackheads).

All-in-all - this is a wonderful thing and I for one can hardly wait!

Warren Pyece said...

I will confirm, speaking from the capital of cool here in Southern California, that ukeleles are hot.

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