Thursday, September 15, 2011


Video - The Animals - Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood


nanakwame said...

Eric was one badass musician and writer - He had the Blues down pact - You were a kid during these days? War still has some of the best songs. Rolling Stones are over-rated.

CNu said...

I was one year old Nana.

Eric is clearly a bad mofo and War is clearly one of the best and most quintessentially/universally American ensembles there has ever been.

The World is a Ghetto is one of the very first albums I bought with my own hard-earned little lawn-mowing funds.

While I was aware that Burdon had headlined War for half-a-hot minute, I had never looked into that in any meaningful way.

After I pulled Slipping Into Darkness the other day, I just went wandering down the rabbit-hole on War, actually pulled out and used my Android earphones for the first time, and listened to a whole lotta War (almost addictively) for a few days.

Today's schmear is the arc of those meanderings...., had no idea about the Jimi Hendrix jam, the Monterey mixer, War's fairly lengthy history before it was renamed War, and Burdon's short-lived eruption into full-on Americana.