Friday, September 30, 2011

fit'na do this on monday - any thoughts, suggestions?

Video - brainzooming building the gigabit city

brainzooming | The area’s most avid internet users and innovators will convene with business, education and civic leaders to brainstorm ways to capitalize on Google’s bestowment of ultra-high speed fiber internet network upon Kansas City.

After Google announced last spring that Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri are the two initial cities to benefit from “internet access more than 100 times faster than what most Americans have today,” the task falls to the community to determine the best ways this technological gift should be used.

In response, the Social Media Club of Kansas City (SMCKC) will host “Building the Gigabit City: Brainstorming a Google Fiber Roadmap” October 3rd at the Kansas City (MO) Public Library Central Branch, one of the event’s major sponsors.

SMCKC member Mike Brown, founder of The Brainzooming Group, will lead the invitation-only, daylong work session. Brown volunteered to fully donate the company’s innovation services and the Brainzooming Methodology to the session that will bring together more than 50 individuals from SMCKC as well as the broader community—a combination of visionary entrepreneurs, developers, business leaders and creators.

A public presentation of preliminary results from the Gigabit City session and a call for public input will be conducted from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the Kansas City Public Library Central Branch Helzberg Auditorium at 14 W. 10th Street in Kansas City, MO.


Big Don said...

A scan of the audience in the latter part of the video did not show much Gigabit BrainZOOMing interest in 64130...

CNu said...


It's somehow reassuring to know that you will always and everywhere lead with your ass Big Don.

"audience" as you call it, is a group of invitees. So..., any
conspicuous lack of color in that audience is attributable to the
meeting organizers.

Do you have anything useful to offer, or was the public reminder of your
old-world monkey posterior intended as your exclusive contribution?

Big Don said...

ROFL,...Actually, speaking of  "views from the rear,"  BD was kind of wondering if that bald head in the foreground, first part of video, was not in fact...uh...somebody we know...

umbrarchist said...

I am going to be an asshole as usual.  It is not about speed and quantity it is about quality of information.  I would rather have high quality at lows speed than wade through mostly mediocre crap at high speed.

How much of the Internet is REDUNDANT?  100 sources saying mostly the same thing in slightly different ways.  20 sources talking about the Amazon Kindle Fire and none of them tell you the clock speed of the processor or that it is dual-core.  Google can't find quality.

Recent example:

I just reread Robert Heinlein's The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

So I started going around the Internet reading reviews of the book to see what was said.  I think a lot of literary REVIEWERS do not get the point of science fiction.  The reason I reread the book was because of RESOURCE DEPLETION.  It just occurred to me that the fictional people in the Moon running out of water was like the Earth running out of oil.  But lots of reviews never mention that that is the central point of the story.  Reviewers complain about Heinlein's prose, they say the intelligent computer is unrealistic, they complain about his Libertarian philosophy.  But mass starvation in seven years if they don't do something about running out of ice is totally irrelevant.

So how does a higher speed Internet help anyone figure out reviews like that?

John Kurman said...

Fiber's all well and good, but, to borrow from Wendy's: "Where's the Wireless?" What was the whole friggin' point of switching to digital broadcast if I can't have my equivalent of free wireless goddammit? Where's my free and unlimited wireless access? Why the F should I pay these asshole companies for shit that should be public access? That's my bitch.

Anyway, I've determined that planned usage never accurately predicts how it actually is used. But I'd suggest you look to the future, and see what South Korea does with their access. Uh, game addiction I guess. I would also propose anonymity be eliminated. Have the balls to stand behind your words, know what I mean?

umbrarchist said...

I totally disagree on the anonymity.  Have the brains to evaluate the words.  Who said them is irrelevant.  Do we need to know who first invented the wheel to use it? 

We know the names and faces of lots of economists.  They all say nothing about the depreciation of durable consumer goods.  Oh, that's right.  They don't have to stand behind what they don't say.  LOL

But we have to live with the results.

John Kurman said...

Wrong. Trolling I don't give a shit about. Little shrimp dick fuckfaces anyway who do that.

Bullying, on the other hand, is and will continue to be, the biggest problem re free and playful exchange of information, and playful is the way to go. Play is where it is ALL at. Much better results in terms of creative interaction, problem solving, brainstorming.

I'm not saying eliminate handles. Those too are a playful and fun of the online world. I'm talking about a way to track down the assholes, and cut their fingers off. In a playful way, of course.

Uglyblackjohn said...

How can this be used in schools?
Let every student have a laptop assigned to him.
Reading lists, homework and class goals can be listed on the site for each class.
Test could be given with the students being able to use Google to look for answers to questions.
The tests could be graded using word clouds to judge how much useful information was mentioned and to determine who may have strayed down the wrong path.
The teacher would be graded by the overall word cloud from her class.
Being able to figure out how to find answers one understands seems to be more important than repeating by rote.

(just an idea... a starting point...)

CNu said...

let's say endpoint rather than laptop, because I'll bet you dollars to donuts that a smartphone/e-Reader/tablet with Wi-Fi and WiMax (3G/4G) is where things are headed because of the economics (i.e., they're cheaper) and because kids view them as toys/status symbols and will scrupulously take care of them.

Since the application/collaboration space is in the cloud, you don't need a lot of compute power on these devices. The WiMax/Wi-Fi solves the digital divide issue affecting 70-90% of poor households, (there are still only 100 million broadband users in America)

Who will create the newfangled test and evaluation scheme you pitched above, and, how do think this will be received by traditional institutional teachers/administrators who's butts are in the seats of the institutions that'll be getting the gigabit pipes from Google?

CNu said...

Google is making a conscientious effort to not compete with carriers, and given that this is Sprint's hometown, making a large wireless splash would be exceedingly bad politics indeed...,

Here's our brand, spanking new cultural palace  that MUST get a google-pipe so that all members of the community can tune into the live performances taking place therein...,

Uglyblackjohn said...

Okay... watching my young cousins on their smartphones at every and all hours makes the phone idea more viable.

Let teachers who are able to understand trends develop it.
Everyone else is more concerned with getting a paycheck than they are with actually teaching and learning.
Those who fail to update their knowledge and skills are obsolete anyway.
Even better... Let high school kids from the area develop it with guidance from Google and/or teachers.

CNu said...

Even better... Let high school kids from the area develop it with guidance from Google and/or teachers.

my man...,

DESE requires a certified teacher to be present when the material is being recorded/delivered, but once it's recorded, how often does the curriculum have to be refreshed?

kids love to watch other kids - if folk applied a tiny fraction of the marketing savvy to curriculum that they apply to the sale of fried dough, or heaven forbid, fashion, alcohol, or tobacco....,


learning would become the most pervasive and fundamental addiction in America.

I'ma post up all my detailed suggestions late monday, mebbe monday morning so their's no question concerning their origin, but it's never  ceased to amaze me how very little serious, professional thought and creativity is applied to science of education.

CNu said...

Very clearly, some of the least capable human resources in America have been relegated to one of the most significant collective responsibilities in America...,

Dale Asberry said...

Are the standard institutions the only recipient of these pipes? This meeting appears to strongly suggest outside the box ideas. Cities and states have been actively exploring options outside the domain of school administration. Indiana now has an online high school for instance.

CNu said...

Alternative schools hereabouts have online curricula, or so-called credit recovery curricula like Plato and others.

I'd be very interested to obtain details on fully funded, i.e., per pupil revenue allocation programs in which an accredited institution that provides live distance learning could receive the per pupil revenue allocation for any enrolled distance learning student in the state, regardless of where that student lives.

Dale Asberry said...

CNu said...

reading Ed's article on social gaming and shaking my head at being the only non-white face in the room....,

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