Saturday, September 17, 2011

deliberate impoverishment of the western world?

dailybell | U.S. poverty totals hit a 50-year high Census Bureau's grim statistics show recession's lingering effects, as young adults move back home and 1 million more Americans go without health insurance ... In a grim portrait of a nation in economic turmoil, the government reported that the number of people living in poverty last year surged to 46.2 million — the most in at least half a century — as 1 million more Americans went without health insurance and household incomes fell sharply. – Los Angeles Times

Dominant Social Theme: These things happen. No reason. Depressions spontaneously occur. They are "market mistakes."

Free-Market Analysis: We've spent considerable time in the past three years (the past decade, actually), analyzing how the powers-that-be have reorganized society, especially American society, in a way that relentlessly reduces prosperity. Figures released yesterday from the US Census provide a startling illustration of just how effective elites have been. (See excerpt above.)

Why would a handful of wealthy central banking families want to impoverish the US and render its citizens penniless? Our conclusion is simple: World government is on the way and the American culture is still resistant to the kind of hyper-regulatory corporatism that is necessary to support this kind of governance.

America (the West, generally) has apparently been under attack by an organized cabal of inter-generational banking families and corporate, business and military enablers for at least 200 years now, and perhaps 300 years. In the past 50 years, the pace has accelerated.

One by one, the UN, IMF, World Bank, BIS, ICC (international court), WHO and countless other globalist organizations have been put in place. The mainstream media treats this evolution as inevitable. It cannot be. Each evolution must be planned, funded and promoted. When it comes to politics of this sort, there are no coincidences, as FDR once observed.

We have taken to calling what has evolved "directed history" – in which events including wars are planned to ensure maximum destruction of the culture as it is in order to further militarize, globalize (and impoverish) what remains.

Because America was a "great exception" – founded as a republic with a culture that was relentlessly entrepreneurial and agricultural – America has been under sustained attack to ensure that its culture is Europeanized and recreated as what we call "regulatory democracy."

Regulatory democracy is one word for what has evolved. Corporatism is another. Fascism (of a sort) would be a third. No matter what word is used, the current Western model for nation states relies heavily on unelected bureaucrats, intelligence agencies and a military industrial complex that basically reports to the aforementioned elites and is not affected by voting or other democratic elements.

The modern nation state is funded by central banks, also seemingly controlled by these elite families, and the ultimate goal is formal global governance. Some question why a formal international government is necessary. The answer is that the elites like to work within a "lawful" environment of their own creation. The more that reality corresponds to their notions and plans, the easier it is to continually consolidate power.

Nothing else – no other sociopolitical model – seems to explain what has happened to America and Europe. The EU is a disaster and the euro has proven to be a currency that has brought ruin on the Southern crescent of that artificial entity. The one-size-fits all central banking policies of the union continue to collapse jobs and economies – something we've been forecasting for several years now.

European elites are on record as anticipating the disaster and welcoming it because it will allow for the creation a closer "political union." But in the Internet era, people are not so easily manipulated as they were in the 20th Century. The pushback to elite plans is extreme. The fate of the EU is by no means pre-determined. Events could easily spin out of control.

In the US, the great merger between Canada, Mexico and America has been all-but-abandoned – for the time being. However, one of the primary figures behind that putative merger is Texas governor Rick Perry who spent much time and political energy in the early 2000s trying create a "North American Union." In our view it is no accident that he is a front-runner for the presidency at this juncture.


umbrarchist said...

What the hell is THE MARKET?

White people are always talking about abstract bullsh# as though it is REAL.  We have buyers and sellers but these buyers and sellers are people who require information and knowledge to make decisions.  So if there are a lot more buyers than sellers and the sellers can spread BAD INFORMATION then lots of buyers can make lots of dumb mistakes then we end up with lots of losers.

We are talking GAME THEORY.

GAME THEORY based on lies!

But then after things fu-k up big time they want to blame it on MARKETS.  The lies aren't anybody's fault.  Like economists ignoring demand side depreciation for the last SIXTY YEARS.  No, it doesn't matter that economists got their grade school algebra wrong.  It's THE MARKETS.

When did they suggest mandatory accounting in the schools?  In what country? No that might make too many people better players and screw up the GAME.   We gotta have 4 years of Shakespeare in high school  That is really important.

Shouldn't the United Nitwits at the United Nations be concerned about goods designed to become obsolete being shipped all over the planet?  Are there any economists at the UN?  No it's the MARKETS!

What do you mean, they don't talk about Game Theory at the UN?

CNu said...

Are you suggesting that THE MARKET is a euphemism for a zero-sum game predicated on deception and information withholding?

Are all those "bright folk" who sincerely believe in capitalism and THE MARKET sincere, or, are they deceptive participants in this encompassing fraud?

umbrarchist said...

 A massive fraud requires plenty of TRUE BELIEVERS.

I would be very surprised if plenty of Catholic priests in the Middle Ages were not actually atheists.  What other career choices did they have?  Farming and soldiering?  Better to sit in a cushy church and blather boring garbage to the believers.  If you take Adam Smith with his enlightened self interest seriously then how can you object to mandatory accounting?  But who have you heard suggest it in the last 20 or 30 or 40 years?

This is Liars Capitalism.  It goes quite well with the social psychology of European culture.

All warfare is based on deception.  Economic warfare is no exception.  The workers are supposed to be cannon fodder.

Big Don said...

"Better to sit in a cushy church and blather boring garbage to the believers.
Almost as true today as it was then, for any person-of-the-cloth, beats some high-stress competitive job in business or industry...and you get to "counsel"  all those young wives disenchanted with their marriages...

CNu said...

I'm always curious to know folks estimation of the relative proportions of those playing the game and those being played by the game..., though I know you'rery always keen to go-in on the rentiers rented storytellers, economists, I don't recollect you ever going in on lawyers.

I can't think of anything more deceitful and routinely and intentionally involved with the official mechanics of lying than the so-called legal profession.

umbrarchist said...

{{{   though I know you'rery always keen to go-in on the rentiers rented storytellers, economists, I don't recollect you ever going in on lawyers.  }}}

I don't suppose you have noticed that I am fixated on economists saying nothing about the depreciation of durable consumer goods.  I noticed that in 1976.  At first I didn't really believe it.  I started reading books on economics just because of that.  I have only took 2 economics courses in college.

It is not that I don't think lawyers are not necessarily bigger liars about lots of different things than economists it is just that I thing the economists' BIG LIE about Depreciation has done far more damage to humanity than all that the lawyers have done.  I don't doubt that this could be difficult to calculate with who knows what corporate lawyers may have done.  But the resources and energy and pollution that has gone into producing consumer junk destined to be thrown away world wide has to be incredible.

I figure $300,000,000,000 per year for cars in just the US since 1995.  Suppose depreciation on all the cars in the world could have been reduced by 20% every year since 1960, how much would that amount to?  The nitwit economists can't even tell us how much that would be.  I would lynch economists with piano wire.