Friday, August 12, 2011

"useful idiots" engineering the gulag for us all?

SovereignIndependent | pro·vo·ca·teur

1. A person who provokes trouble, causes dissension, or the like; agitator.

2. ( italics ) French . agent provocateur.

a·gent pro·vo·ca·teur

A secret agent hired to incite suspected persons to some illegal action, outbreak, etc., that will make them liable to punishment.

And here we have the crux of this article.

The youth involved in this through the incitement of ‘agent provocateurs’ will undoubtedly bring about further Draconian police measures to curb such measures in the future.

This is regardless of the fact that police were ordered to stand back and allow this to happen to such an extent that the outcry would facilitate such Draconian measures being brought to bear, not only on the ‘useful idiots’ who’ve blindly followed establishment provocateurs in carrying out their idiotic rampage, but on us all.

These few hundred or so idiots are going to ensure that water cannon, rubber bullets and real bullets and other sinister weapons, such as sound cannon and other devices designed to immobilise members of the public individually, in the case of tasers, and in groups by other means, are going to be used in the near future. This will of course serve to discourage any legitimate ‘protests’ which can be hijacked by mindless yobs or agent provocateurs.

The army may well now be deployed on the streets of our cities ensuring that our children will now grow up in a similar environment to the children in Nazi Germany prior to and during the Second World War. We will no doubt see the roll out of ID cards and ‘stop and search’ legislation being introduced across the board for all of us who are simply trying to go about our daily business.

The coup de grace of course will be the introduction of conscription as a means of getting the so called ‘disenfranchised’ off our streets. Better they kill innocent Afghans, Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians, Iranians or whoever the globalist elite establishment wish to go to war with than have them stealing iPods in London right?

These boys and girls who think they’re so clever at getting away with looting and arson will get a real shock to the system when people in a war zone are firing real bullets at them and might just wonder if that ‘free’ Blackberry phone was really worth it.

Of course they won’t all get conscripted but it might just be that those who either attempt to escape such a draft are simply rounded up and detained in what would be nothing less than concentration camps.

The other aspect of this is of course the mainstream media’s attempt to promote this as ‘race rioting’ but for anyone who’s watched some of the footage from the ‘riots’ it’s very much apparent that despite David Cameron’s tirade on the failures of multiculturalism, it is obvious that the youth in Tottenham and other cities around the country are working together in great harmony to loot and burn down business premises.

We cannot allow the mainstream media to force a racial war onto the streets of Britain. Whether Black, White, Christian, Muslim, Hindu or any other race or religion it is vital that we all stick together to thwart the social engineers despotic plans to start what would amount to civil war within communities which will simply allow the despots to win using their tried and tested ‘divide and rule’ tactics which have worked for centuries.

If the youth of today, regardless of how ‘deprived’ they feel they are, are not brought back into society by whatever means possible without force or compulsion, they will continue to be used by the social engineers to create havoc on our streets and will be nothing less than thug gangs who will be met with real bullets on their streets by soldiers coming back from a war zone who are well used to shooting first and asking questions later, who will be under no civil authority and therefore unanswerable to local community groups

These gangs of youths must realise that their actions have direct consequences on them and their children in the long term and that they are simply facilitating the implementation of the establishment’s goal of bringing about a despotic totalitarian gulag state for us all.