Thursday, August 11, 2011

british youths the most unpleasant and violent in the world?

Video - PM Cameron promises action against protesters

DailyMail | British youths have been branded as 'the most unpleasant and potentially violent young people in the world' by a renowned doctor-writer.

Anthony Daniels, a retired prison doctor and psychiatrist who has worked in some of the hardest-hit areas on the planet, said the British were now in great fear of their own arrogant, knife-wielding children.

The author said Britain's young had a 'sense of entitlement' and were unwilling to change their ways for anyone else - with the only difference between the rich and the poor being that the former had the money to buy what they wanted, whereas the poor had to 'wheedle, cajole, swindle and steal it'.

Writing for the New York Daily News in a comment piece on the riots, he said: 'Of course it is true that not all young Britons are unattractive in appearance and conduct, only a far higher proportion of them than of the young of any other nation.

'It requires but an overnight stay on a Friday or Saturday in any British city to prove it. Even Russians are appalled by what they witness.

'The rioting is only the extreme end of the spectrum of bad behaviour by British youth and young adults.'

Mr Daniels, who often writes for The Spectator under the pseudonym Theodore Dalrymple, said the riots 'did not emerge from a cultural vacuum' but was rather 'the British way of life'.

He claimed many American visitors to the UK were astounded at how quickly Britons became angry over trifling matters.

And he revealed that it was now 'quite literally' difficult to 'distinguish the sound of people enjoying themselves from that of someone being murdered.'

He said: 'Recently in Manchester, I woke at 1 on a Wednesday morning in my hotel to hear drunken screaming and shouting down below on one of the city's main streets, the sound of which continued until 4.30.

'Lo and behold, when I left the hotel at 8 in the morning, I discovered that a man had been savagely beaten nearly to death at about 2 am and was still in a coma - but the drunken revelling had continued nonetheless, uninterrupted by the police.

'So the sheer viciousness and destructiveness of the riots certainly do not surprise me.'

He ended his piece by saying that the only thing that will stop the 'not well-educated' rioters is 'boredom or exhaustion'.

Mr Daniels' piece, which will be consumed by a worldwide audience, heaps further embarrassment on the UK, which has today again made headline news across the world.

Newspapers from Ireland, Iceland and even Iran have used the sickening images of the looting on their front pages.

In the U.S. the popular Washington Post, New York Daily News and New York Times all dedicated extensive coverage to the events.

Even regional newspapers, such as the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, which covers Little Rock in Arkansas, led on the riots with the headline 'British add 10,000 police as rioting starts a 4th

The financial daily Handelsblatt said: 'The riots reveal fundamental societal problems that extend far beyond London and England.

'They are too deep for the short-term austerity measures to have had much influence. There wasn't just looting in troubled areas, but also in the affluent district of Notting Hill and among the middle class in trendy Clapham.

'The riots reveal the decay of society at its edges, brought on by deeply cemented inequality, the erosion of social norms, great frustration and a lack of opportunity for the lower class.'

The Financial Times Deutschland added: 'The British elite has systematically compromised itself in recent years. They claimed to be a role model, or at least trustworthy.

'In the economic crisis the financial establishment declared bankruptcy, and British politicians became mired in the expenses scandal of 2009. Then this year the media and politicians have been damaged by the Murdoch scandal.

'When the country's elites don't take the law seriously, why should we? No question is more dangerous for a society.'

Left-leaning Berliner Zeitung said: 'The country has lost faith in every authority: the banks, politicians, the media, the police. The corruption has reached even the smallest unit - the family. There is a generation growing up without values of any kind.'

Finally, the conservative Die Welt commented: 'The unrest in London is a form of hooliganism by losers who are living in a society which no longer has anything left to offer losers. Among the arsonists are people who no longer possess any values.


nanakwame said...
Morals and criticism are not so properly objects of understanding as of taste and sentiment. Beauty, whether moral or natural, is felt, more properly than perceived.David Hume

Big Don said...

This violence is the cumulative effect of liberal politics run amok, where society stratifies out the lower-IQ irresponsible genetically-weak culture, which has traditionally been paid to go forth and breed more of its useless selves, while contributing nothing.  With few exceptions, you won't find rioting youth of strong nuclear families, with the brains to pursue education, self-discipline, and responsible behavior - they practice strong future-time orientation. ...

Tom said...

Are you freaking kidding me?  Look at the violence our disciplined, trained, employed youth did in Iraq, under responsible future-time orientation from their parents' and grandparents' generations.  It makes London look like a 4 year old's birthday party.

Temple3 said...

Add nefarious and notorious to the long-standing identifier -- Perfidious Albion.  

Temple3 said...

Why celebrate a future time orientation when it is precisely this degree of animated, "ravaging savagery" which created the foundational wealth of the British Empire and its American protege?  It was the immediacy of poverty and punishment in royal England that led to the emergence of powerful criminal elites in these colonies and in far-flung places like the Bahamas, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere.  Whether you were a pirate, a gun runner, a rum runner, or a slave runner, you were probably steeped in this same culture -- this is just a glimpse back at an inglorious basterd past.  Are you ready for your close up?  The world is watching.

CNu said... man!!!

Been missing your voice for a while now.

Was the immediacy of poverty and punishment in royal England the evolutionary stressor required to give rise to the globe-spanning criminal elites that then colonized the unsuspecting rest of the world?

Now that the entire world (short of Somalia and Afghanistan) is colonized, where will these selfsame stressors lead us to in the future-time orientation?

CNu said...

Look at the violence our disciplined, trained, employed youth did in Iraq

Tom, do you suppose that by-and-large our military youth are the product of strong nuclear families, or, using the military as a means to escape from comparative privation themselves?

Do you suppose that T3's globe-spanning criminal elites fleeing poverty and punishment in the royal anglosphere were by-and-large the product of strong nuclear families back in their day?

Big Don said...

"...where will these selfsame stressors lead us to in the future-time orientation?
Hopefully, a 5/5ths  iron-clad bulletproof defense...

nanakwame said...

There are other factors for us today -  You are the one who speaks of superfluous populations (which will be culled) because of techonolgy and of course benign neglect of many decades now, to the emergent problems of global capitalism. The Anglo is known for this neglect then turns around and places no blame on their g_d given leadership. The Black Swan may come from many tradjectories, social also.  There is a reason why Big Don is a follower, he speaks in the language of those who call for their version of bringing order to this growing chaos. He has unity with your culling presumations.

To be able to fill leisure intelligently is the last product of civilization.
Arnold J. Toynbee

What is the % of farming in the USA? What was said: 17% of population can produce all the citizens' need in the States? Does the Eilte have problems yes it does and so does the citizens of this place call Earth.

CNu said...


Just because I don't subscribe to muddle-headed, magical-thinking like you do Nana, doesn't mean that I'm an advocate for "culling presumations" whatever the heck that gibberish means. What is factual and actual is that I have rather carefully noted the eugenic predilections of various and sundry of the powers that be, and, I continue to closely monitor and note their pronouncements to your attention.

The current globalized system of capitalist governance and conversion of irreplaceable natural material resources into garbage is incapable of sustainably supporting a human population of more than 100 million at current middle-class American levels of consumption.

Do with those hard facts what you will, believe about those hard facts what you will - but don't - for any reason - stupidly or carelessly accuse me of being a proponent of what you dopamine-addicted, killer-apes are about to do to yourselves. 

Tom said...


Yes, I think a lot of young folks use the military as an escape from economic privation and as an escape from/ replacement for bad family experiences.  That's how my own family used it until this generation. 

It seems unlikely that expat organized-crime leaders came from good family situations.  I don't really know.

I'm not against good intergenerational relationships & roles!  I  just see riots as pretty benign compared to invasions and bombing.  

nanakwame said...

Yes my friend I muddle-headed and magical-thinking - Life to me is eternal, human life is but a drip.
You are so sure of yourself; I am glad for you. Time will tell  what you dopamine-addicted, killer apes - do you hear yourself, you sound like the those elites who you critcize like the  British Empire - you people.  LOL
At the current middle-class American levels of consumption that is the operative words.

Should we embrace the idea that our world is truly infinite, or should we look for some way to tame and regulate this infinity in our theories? It is difficult to say. What seems clear, however, is that infinity can no longer be safely ignored: beautifully constructed, empirically supported, self-consistent theories have brought infinity from idle curiosity to central player in contemporary cosmology. And if correct, the worldview these theories represent constitutes a perspective shift unlike any other: in comparison to the universe, we would be not just small but strictly zero. Yet here we are, contemplating—if not quite understanding—it all.

so if i believe i am nothing compare to life, this is but a  journey, and no one holds a patent on truth - this is magical thinking? So be it, my friend, so be it.

nanakwame said...

I went to the Nam because of a bad family experience at 19 years old. I would agree nothing like just rioting in Newark or Harlem. Though I wasn't into roiting as I was in organizing for change and up in your face against power, lead the Attica protest in country.

CNu said...

You are so sure of yourself


do you hear yourself


you sound like the those elites who you critcize like the  British Empire - you people


At the current middle-class American levels of consumption that is the operative words.

the bare-minimum of the non-negotiable way of life

1. for which you all strive
2. to which you all feel entitled
3. and for which you will murder one another on an apocalyptic scale...,

You hear that Mr. Anderson, that's the sound of inevitability

I'd like to share a revelation I've had during my time here

nanakwame said...

OMG I defend the Human Species, you defend the immortals - magical thinking hmmmm
I am glad they appointed Phillip Levine as Poet Laureate, or should I become a machine, and not care for automatic will take over. Or is my human mentor between animal and machine, hmmm I am thinking.


 Infinite spacing

Then who I am but zero

Immortals playing© kac how old where you when this song was made, I love it for its allusions to a word that I debated within myself. Fuck I got automatic ways as those people around me. hmmmmm

nanakwame said...

CNu said...

OMG I defend the Human Species, you defend the immortals - magical thinking hmmmm

read.and.truly.understand.your.Penrose.  until then, everything else is merely conversation....,

nanakwame said...

You know I give you props with the reality of superfluous populations and technogly, and you read what you want. I just get tried of constantly blaming this hidden State BS, or the Grand Eilte, and this partisan hate that is getting us no where fast, which is not addressing solutions.
In 1960, only 11% of American children lived apart from their fathers. Today, that share has risen to 27%, while the share of children living apart from their mothers has increased only modestly, from 4% in 1960 to 8% in 2010.
Commual style living has to come back in a different way even if it is forced. But to me,  you and whomever act, OH we will live seeing our specics destroy it self which to me is NO DIFFERENT than the dogma of the Relgious Folks you attack. The secular priest are no different than reglious ones. Who give a Fuck Doc, life is heuristic and most theroies are just that. Don't try to make me seem dumb, I don't play that with no one.

CNu said...

The elite have stockpiled gigatons of nuclear solution, spend trillions to keep it locked and loaded, and will surely seek a return on their investment.

Which part of that assertion you find counterfactual?

CNu said...

When you make sense, I'll address you accordingly. When you commence to popping utopian deus ex machina gas, seeking validation/aggreement where none will be forthcoming and then poking your lip out like your boy the cultural strategist without portfolio or proposal, I'm going to respond accordingly.

I pride myself on small-minded and well-vetted consistency...,

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