Sunday, August 14, 2011

all of us are corporations

Video - Rand Paul backs Mitt Romney's play.

ThinkProgress | ThinkProgress asked Paul about Romney’s comments prior to the Republican presidential debate in Ames. Paul rushed to the former governor’s defense, arguing that Romney was correct in his equivalency between man and mega-company. “I think we’re all corporations,” Paul said. “All of us are corporations.” The Tea Party senator later went on to blur the lines further between corporations and people by declaring, “They’re us. They’re the middle class”:
KEYES: What did you make of Mitt Romney’s statement today that “corporations are people”?

PAUL: Corporations are collections of people. I think we’re all corporations. To say we’re going to punish corporations like they’re someone else. All of us are corporations.

KEYES: Do you think that was basically in line with what he was saying?

PAUL: You think about, if you own a retirement fund, you have a 401k, everybody who has a 401k has parts of corporations, so in a sense we are.

KEYES: I think people might argue that corporations can’t be sent to jail.

PAUL: I think those arguments can be made, but I think the fact that a lot of times people want to vilify corporations, saying they’re someone else, that they’re these other rich people. They’re us. They’re the middle class. We all own parts of corporations.


John Kurman said...

I've taken to calling Rand Paul "Old Woodenhead". I think because I just can't see Ron Paul spawning that. Rand looks more like a puppet Ron carved in his workshop, and then one night the Blue Faerie came buy and sprinkled some Powder of Life on him. At any rate, corporations are people, taxpayers are people, Soylent Green is people, but not governments. Not people, not of the people, not for the people if Rand has his way.

I really do have an irrational(?) urge to just punch Rand's face everytime he opens that wordhole of his.

Dale Asberry said...

I really do have an irrational(?) urge to just punch Rand's face everytime he opens that wordhole of his.

Tom said...

I know the feeling, but unless he's basswood or balsa or something it would really hurt.

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