Wednesday, August 31, 2011

talking out of school on the unspeakable...,

Video - Joe Rogan meditating out loud on why it is the way it is.


umbrarchist said...

Do you ever notice that we constantly hear the word LEADERSHIP but we hardly ever hear the word FOLLOWERSHIP.

Have you ever thought that the schools are designed to psychologically condition FOLLOWERSHIP and the Majority Of Teachers are people with egos that want to LEAD some kids who don't know anything yet.  Yeah I know, I'm a jerk.  My attitude in school was, "Give me the book.  Get this teacher out of my face."  The majority of teachers don't do anything but paraphrase the book anyway and then they have to force kids to study what they don't want to know.   Oh sure, Shakespeare has been SO USEFUL for the last 40 years.

But then they can't make double-entry accounting mandatory.

The FOLLOWERS must be properly IGNORANT in order to Need the LEADERS.

CNu said...

I think it's actually worse than that Umbra:
Here is the rank order of the groups examined:
1. Engineering2. Physical Science3. Math/Computer Science4. Biological Science5. Humanities6. Social Science7. Arts8. Business9. Education

Makheru Bradley said...

Such is life in an oligarchic psychopathocracy.  The only question is when will the people's endurance of this tyranny expire.

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