Saturday, August 27, 2011

put your ID in your left shoe...,

Video - Gov. Christie 'Irene a 'Serious, Significant Event'

TheComingDepression | Officials in New Jersey have ordered a mandatory evacuation which could affect 750,000 people as Hurricane Irene looms.

Though this news is not directly related to the coming economic depression, we thought we’d publish it to alert our readers in the area to take cover and precautions.

The Philadelphia Inquirer said officials in Cape May county have told people to leave from 8am local time tomorrow.

The hurricane is expected to hit the north eastern seaboard of America this weekend.

It is predicted to hit North Carolina before working its way up the coast.

More than 50m people could be in the path of the storm.

The mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, warned residents to expect tropical storm conditions.

Washington is also on alert for heavy storms.

Train services in the capital have been cancelled and workers are trying to protect power lines.

Mayor Vincent Gray took to his Twitter account to ask residents to study emergency evacuation routes.

Irene, a category three storm with winds of up to 120mph (195km) has already caused damage in the Bahamas.

Those who choose to ignore the mandatory evacuation order have been asked to place an ID card in their left shoe so they may be identified if necessary.


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