Monday, August 22, 2011

dick gregory then and now...,

Video - Dick Gregory on America's Future.

Video - Dick Gregory back in the day.


umbrarchist said...

We will soon reach the culmination of the 9/11 Decade.

Due to my sci-fi perspective of reality I am thinking this may have been the GREATEST Decade in Psychohistory.  I mean that GREAT in the same sense that Adolf Hitler was a Great man.

Is there an African American Physics?  Is there a Chinese Physics?  Is Physics White because Isaac Newton was White?  Is the entire world supposed to think whatever White people tell them?

Could an airliner that weighed less than 200 tons Totally Obliterate a building weighing more than 400,000 TONS in less than two hours?  If it could then shouldn't physicists be able to explain it in just about any detail we ask?  But the physicists can spend TEN YEARS not asking how the steel and concrete were distributed in the towers so how can they explain anything?  So the future is Negroes believing what the White Man says about grade school physics because only the White Man has sufficient intelligence.

But what is the future of Physics?  Physics is incapable of giving a damn about anybody or whatever they think, no matter how stupid it is.

Oh yeah, psychohistory is a science fictional invention of Isaac Asimov's.  We are really psycho if our history is physically IMPOSSIBLE.  LOL   Airliners totally destroying skyscrapers.  ROFL  I may get drunk on 9/11/11 just so I can laugh my ass off all day.

9/11 is the Piltdown Man incident of the 21st century.  A decade of psycho-physics.

umbrarchist said...

Now that is funny.  Nobody LIKED that comment.  LOL

The Truth movement ought to adopt the Vulcan salute as a symbol.  The paired finger could represent the twin towers and the thumb building 7.

This is a science problem that demands Logic and Spock was the science officer.